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I’m Alicia, a Registered Children’s Nurse from the UK with a passion for helping nurses live more fulfilled lives. After suffering from countless bouts of burnout myself I almost quit nursing on more than occasion.

I’ve since come full circle. I’ve been able to transform my life in a way in which both my career and personal life can flourish. Now I’m determined to make a difference for other healthcare professionals because nourishing our souls is the only way we can focus on those at the hands of our care.

I have a passion for travel and have nursed in the UK, Australia and New Zealand! But I saw the same problems again and again in every country. Nurses are becoming more and more burnout and through my platform I want to help nurses create a life so we can all achieve balance before burnout.

On the blog is where you can find all my tips about becoming a more fulfilled nurse and my general life musings. I love travel and Christmas is my favourite time of year so expect a lot of both. The blog is where you’ll find any updates or basically anything that I’m doing!

A weekly newsletter bringing a little wave of inspiration into your inbox every Wednesday. It’ll be a little letter from me with a different topic each week along with things I’ve personally been enjoying along with a reminder to check in on yourself and your week so far.

My brand new Podcast will be coming to you very soon. I’m not revealing anything just yet but keep updated with everything here at Alicia Overseas so you don’t miss its launch! (Make sure you’re subscribed or following along on social media as I’ll be revealing it EVERYWHERE) eek!

latest on the blog …

How Journaling Has Helped Me Become a More Positive Nurse

I’ve always had a funny relationship with journaling. I’ve heard about the power that it has and the changes it can bring to a person from some of the most successful people around. Oprah, Jen Sincero, Brene Brown, all of these successful women that I look up to...

Why Saying No is So Important as a Nurse & in Life!

Nurses are usually the kind of people that put others before themselves. Of course, we nurses know that there are some exceptions to the rule. But for the most part, we are guilty of putting ourselves last in our long list of priorities especially at work. I’ve learnt...

Taking Responsibility for My Own Happiness in My Life As a Nurse

Welcome, welcome, welcome! You have no idea how pleased I am that you’re reading this post right now. It’s a little different than the rest of my posts and a little taster of what’s to come. Most of you know that aside from blogging, travelling and all the rest of it,...