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The Grand Canyon is the most spectacular natural landmark in the world. Yes okay, that might be a matter of my personal opinion but seriously it’s out of this world! I visited the canyon back in 2015 and I haven’t stopped lusting over it since! It’s by far my favourite National Park in the world! If you’ve ever wanted to take an epic helicopter ride you’ll never forget, camp alongside elk and be one of 5 million people who visit a destination each year, then The Grand Canyon has got you covered. I’m going to share with you exactly why you should visit The Grand Canyon.

Random Fun Fact: If I had never visited The Grand Canyon then Dave and I may not be together, it was a major conversation starter when we met!

So why exactly should you visit The Grand Canyon? Here’s my 9 Reason’s

1. You have to see it to experience it!

Ariel view of The Grand Canyon

Visit The Grand Canyon solo or with friends. No matter what you’ll have an incredible experience!

The world is full of epic photographers these days right? Some of the most talented photographers can capture a moment and you feel like you’ve been pulled right into that moment. Many photographs do places fantastic justice, however, the photographs of The Grand Canyon just DO NOT do it the justice it deserves! (& there are some captivating ones out there!) Nope for me, you’ve just got to go and see the canyon for itself to understand how breathtaking this place really is! I am telling you now you won’t regret it!

2. Experience the Most Epic Helicopter Ride

Helicopters on the ground at The Grand Canyon

One of my best life experiences to date!

Now I’m not a fan of flying. I do it because it’s the only way to get to some of the world most beautiful destinations and I think that’s probably why most people grin and bear it! So when I got the opportunity to fly in a helicopter over and into The Grand Canyon I’m going, to be honest, I was sceptical and terrified! I’ve read about plenty of horror stories that involve a helicopter!

However, my travel mates on this trip (who had already done the ride) managed to persuade me otherwise and I’m so glad they did. This is easily one of the most incredible life experiences I’ve had whilst on the road so far! Imagine zooming above a forest for miles and miles and then wow, all of sudden the floor feels like it’s disappeared beneath you and your gliding over The Grand Canyon? Pretty exhilarating huh?

3. The Sunrise/Sunsets

sunset at the Grand Canyon

Dreamy sunsets in The Grand Canyon

I’ve seen some pretty gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over numerous cities and national parks but this one tops them all. There is nothing quite as beautiful than watching the sun rise and fall onto the wonder that is the Grand Canyon. Again there are no photographs or words to describe how brilliant the views are at dawn and dusk.

4. One of the Most Visited Tourist Landmarks – In the World!

View from a helicopter of The Grand Canyon

No filter necessary!

The Grand Canyon attracts way over 4 million people every year! & I wish I could be one of those people every year! That amount of people isn’t even imaginable to people like you and me! So there’s got to be a reason why so many people visit? Because it’s bloody wonderful! With so much natural beauty to see and so much to do you can soon see why it’s such a popular tourist destination! From hiking, walking, to rafting, camping and helicopter a ride there’s something for everyone! & after all over 4 million people can’t turn up and be disappointed, can they?!

5. Great Exercise

If you’re like me and love to travel but also love to eat everything that you see then you can easily hike off a good chunk of that junk food whilst hiking the Canyon! Or at least a mouthful! There are numerous different hiking trails in the canyon, some easy and some pretty hard! What I will say Is that the canyon is steep no matter what hike you do if you go below the rim it will be a climb to get back out! And the only way out is UP! We embarked on one of the nicer hikes the Bright Angel Trail which is around 9.9 miles. For some tips whilst you hike the canyon, which I learnt unfortunately from experience, check out the extra tips at the end of this post!

6. The Canyon is still impressive from the top!

Visit the Grand Canyon

You can find OOH AAH POINT on the South Kaibab Trail!

The great thing about canyons is that you are looking down into them! So basically the main attraction is how deep they go! And seeing as you can drive right up to the rim of the Grand Canyon there really is no need to venture any further down into the canyon if you don’t want to! So if your unable to walk long distances due to health reasons or hiking just ain’t your thing you can enjoy the wonders literally a few minutes’ walk from the car! Pretty awesome!

7. Camp with Wildlife

Have you ever camped with elk wandering around your tent? Nope, I hadn’t either until I camped out in the campsites of the Grand Canyon! There are so many to choose from! Luckily I did my trip with Trek America so the campsite was all already booked and planned out for us but if you have a look around online there are plenty of options to choose from! Check out the Westerner 2 tour by Trek America, one of the tours where they visit The Grand Canyon here!

8. The Most Impressive Land Mark in the World

Now again this is subject to my opinion which by the way is usually right, David wouldn’t agree! But even though it isn’t the biggest canyon in the world I reckon it’s probably one of the most impressive. I honestly smile anytime I think of the few days I spent here, from the amazing hike to the breathtaking helicopter ride I was literally speechless for the majority of the trip here & that’s something you don’t often see! The biggest canyon in the world is Yarlung Zangbo in Tibet China at a whopping 19,715 feet deep! It makes The Grand Canyon look like a baby at just 5,697!

9. You won’t ever forget it!

This is an experience of a lifetime and I can guarantee that The Grand Canyon will leave a mark in your heart forever, I know it has on mine and I cannot wait to return for take 2!

So if you’ve come to the end of this post and are still pondering whether to visit the Grand Canyon then I want to know, WHY? Let me know in the comments!

If your thinking of scribbling a visit to the Grand Canyon into your big American road trip then check out my top spots you just can’t miss on a Californian roadie!

Extra Tips!

If your heading on a hike whilst you visit The Grand Canyon then make sure you are prepared! If there’s something I could tell my prior 21-year-old self it would be to take a hat, more sun cream and something more substantial than a 500ml plastic water bottle! You might laugh but back then I had no idea how important these things are! If someone told me now I was to hike 9 miles in 30-degree heat with only 500mls of water I’d laugh in their face.

If you’re taking a hike set off early in the morning so you can be back out of the canyon before midday, we started our climb back out of the canyon at 12 pm, complete idiots! (Hottest part of the day!) You will be pleased to know that there are water points every mile inside the canyon so thankfully all was not lost! But please be prepared so you can enjoy the beauty of this incredible place with nothing else to worry about! Like if you’re going to make it out of there alive and hydrated!

So why wouldn’t me and Dave have met if I hadn’t been to The Grand Canyon? Well, we met on good old Tinder! Yes, success story right here! When Dave obviously saw my amazing photographs and swiped right on his phone his chat up line was this. ‘So what’s that big canyon thing you’re stood at the top of?’ He says he was always joking to this very day but I don’t know! I was just happy to start spouting off about how amazing it is and how everybody needs to go at least once in their life! So I guess you could say we’ve got the Grand Canyon to thank for our amazing life together. Definitely another reason to go back I think?!

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