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Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit Brisbane Australia!

Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit Brisbane Australia!

Australia, the country famous for its outdoor lifestyle, constant sunshine and laid back living. All these statements are true, Australia is brilliant but after living in the country for a year I found I few misconceptions about the wonderful land down under. The biggest being, it’s sunny in Australia all the time, therefore, how can there be a perfect time of the year to visit? Well, Australia may be blessed with glorious sunshine all year round. That, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be tactical as to the time of year you visit. Especially if you’re visiting Queensland. Queensland also known as the ‘sunshine state’ is probably my favourite. The East Coast is phenomenal and Brisbane is the city we called home for most of our time living in Australia. As much as I love Brisbane one things for sure, I could never live there full time. Why? Because of the stinking hot, humid and unbearable summers! After spending two winters in the sunshine city, I can safely say that it’s the best time to visit Brisbane.

Why Summer isn’t the Best Time to Visit Brisbane

Brisbane is Australias third biggest city after Sydney and Melbourne. It often gets outcast by its popular sisters but I love it. The city is a lot smaller than the other two and has a great vibe. It attracts an array of different people from travellers, young families, retirees and a lot of permanent expats from all over the world. You’ve got the insane east coast on your doorstep and only a 1.5-hour drive to the likes of the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and only a further 30 minutes to the amazing Byron Bay. It has everything you need in an Australian city except for one tiny weeny problem that I cannot get over. The summers are unbearable.

They call Brisbane the sunshine city which is accurate after all, it’s sunny all year round but it’s also very humid. We found the temperatures in Brisbane reasonable throughout the year. In winter, Brisbane sits at a comfortable 11 to 25 degrees Celsius but honestly, I’ve rarely seen it drop below 21 in daytime hours whilst the sun is up.

The city does get a little rain but summer is the wettest time of year in Brissy. Of course, crisp mornings and cold nights can be expected before and after the sun rises in winter. In summer the temperatures in Brisbane don’t seem to soar to the ’40s like some other Australian cities. The average temperature in summer sits between 20 to 30 Celsius which is perfect, not so hot that you can’t do anything but by no means cold. So why isn’t summer the best time of year to visit Brisbane? One Word.


Humidity in Brisbane

Due to its location from the coast, Brisbane is blessed with wild humidity both in winter and summer. Brisbane can reach up to 50% humidity in winter and in summer the humidity is up there at 70-95%. Imagine going for a shower, driving to work and feeling so wet that you need to shower all over again! Enjoying any sort of hiking or walking is out of the question because it’s simply too hot and sticky.

The best way to be able to enjoy Brisbane in summer is to be out in the water. Of course, that’s what all the locals do to avoid the humidity in Brisbane. Sailing, kayaking, beach days, BBQ days, water polo, lounging by the pool, water fights are all very popular activities in Brisbane in summer. Another popular option is to head down south to escape the humidity because up north in the likes of Cairns and Darwin it’s just as bad if not worse.

Even though I’ve acclimated to the Australian heat I’m undoubtedly still very British and I just cannot handle Brisbane in summer. If I could give you one tip on the best time of year to visit Brisbane it would be winter. Because of the amazing weather, you can enjoy summer in winter, sounds perfect right? Now before this post turns into some sort of thesis on Brisbane’s weather habits let me talk why else Brisbane is epic in winter.

If you do want to learn about the weather in Brisbane you can do so here!

When is the best time to visit Brisbane? Winter. Without a doubt Winter is the best time of year to visit. Brisbane is blessed with glorious sunshine all year round but in summer it can read a humidity level of 90%! You quite frankly, don't want to be there! But there are so many other reasons why you should visit Brisbane in Winter! Click on the pin to find out! | Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit Brisbane | #brisbanetravel #discoverbrisbane #brisbaneaustralia #australiatravel #australiatraveltips #traveltips #travelguide #travelblog
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Other Reason Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit Brisbane

  • Fewer Tourists – People still flock to Australia in the summer months and Brisbane is, rightly so, always on the itinerary. We found winter to be far quieter in Brisbane than the summer months.
  • Enjoy the scenic hikes – Brisbane is a gateway from amazing day hikes, with the Glass House Mountains – way to humid in the summertime!
    Foodie Heaven – July is a brilliant time for food in Brisbane as it welcomes the Night Noodle Markets and so much more as July is Good Food Month!
  • Regional Flavours – More food comes to Brisbane but more importantly, WINE too!
  • You can see Humpback Whales during June – November
  • Accommodation prices will be cheaper as will flights. We flew to Cairns from Brisbane for just $39 PP in winter!
  • Enjoy bearable beach days and BBQ every weekend even in winter!
  • Everything you can in summer you can do in winter in Brisbane (except see the whales)

Things to Do in Winter in – Making it the Best Time to Visit Brisbane!

Go Whale Watching

This is hands down one of my most memorable days in Brisbane. I lie, not just in Brisbane, in Australia. One it was my birthday so that was awesome and two we saw so many whales in their natural habitat which I just think is magical. What an honour it was to be in the presence of such amazing creatures.

To go whale watching you have to take a day trip from Brisbane and I recommend using Brisbane Whale Watching. Their vessel has been specially designed to help protect the whales and the captain is amazing. Kerry has been watching whales for over ten years and knows her stuff, you’ll learn an abundance of information about these majestic creatures!

Hikes and More Hikes!

It’s way too hot to hike in Brisbane in the summer. As an avid hiker and lover of all things outdoors that’s a big reason why winter is the best time to visit Brisbane! Brisbane is a gateway to some beautiful national parks with glorious hikes. The Glass House Mountains is one of my favourites and only a short drive away or 1-hour train journeys straight from Brisbane. Mount Ngungun is a fantastic hike that’s steep but fairly easy otherwise. The sunset and sunrise over at the Glass House Mountains is supposed to be sweet!

There’s also Mount Tamborine, D’Aguilar National Park and Springbrook National Park just to name a few.

I wrote a post about hiking in the Glass House Mountains which you can find heaps of information in here!

Enjoy the Food and Drink Festivals

Winter is like food heaven all year round but ramps up a gear in winter. July is Good Food Month in Brisbane where South Bank turns into an international food market. From Regional Flavours, Night Noodle Markets and Brisbane BBQ festival there’s a food event every weekend!

Tenerife Festival is also awesome, we went last July and the vibe was perfect. Tickets are around $5 each but worth it. Watch the streets of Tenerife come alive with food trucks and music acts. This event is loved by the locals which is a nice change compared to more touristy places like the Brisbane Wheel or South Bank.

More Winter Food and Drink Events in Brisbane

Outdoor Cinemas!

Great weather all winter? Okay, let’s have an outdoor cinema! Often a summer activity but in Brisbane, you’ll find pop-up cinemas throughout winter too! In June post office square hosts ‘Rom Coms and Nom Noms’ a free cinema where you can watch all the classic romantic films for free which is perfect! It’s often held on a Wednesday perfect to get you through hump day!

Enjoy Quieter Long Weekends to the Islands

Brisbane is a gateway to numerous Aussie islands in Queensland. Moreton Island, St Helena Island, North Stradbroke Island and South Stradbroke Island are just a short distance away. Escape the crowds and take a winter long weekend.

North Stradbroke Island in Winter, the best time of year to visit Brisbane
Enjoying North Stradbroke Island – Yes this is in winter!

We visited North Stradbroke Island in June and it was perfect. The weather was still warm enough for swimming and the area was super quiet. I think, other than Fraser Island, North Stradbroke Island was my favourite getaway immediately from Brisbane. You can catch the ferry from Cleveland for just $10 per person if you don’t have a car and then use the bus service on the island. If you do have a 4WD I recommend taking it because the sand tracks are so fun!

Go Ice Skating

Ever been Ice Skating whilst it’s twenty degrees outside? Whilst now you can. It’s a different experience and it does make me laugh when I see locals all wrapped for the skating. On Adelaide Street, King George Station see the square transformed into a winter wonderland whilst the sun is blazing down. Don’t go too late in the day though because the ice melts more by the second!

Enjoy South Bank without the Crowds

The only thing that Brisbane has going against it is that it’s not on the coast. So if you can’t have Brisbane on the Coast then why not bring the coast to Brisbane?! On South Bank, you’ll find Streets Beach which is a man-made beach right in the city. If lounging on the beach is your thing then you’ll love streets beach. It’s completely free to lounge on the beach and swim in the lagoon.

The only downside of course in summer is that it gets swamped! Families are there all day every day along with travellers and just about everyone else that’s in the city. The locals tend to stay away in winter (too cold for them) and although the water will be cold the temperature is still great to sunbathe in! Just make sure you check for winter closures as they often change the water/clean the sand.

Sunrise view of Winter in Brisbane
You’ll get brilliant sunrises and sunsets even in winter – Kangaroo Point is an epic spot for sunrise!

Free Yoga at Felons Brewery on Monday Night

Keep those muscles warm in winter with free yoga at Felons Brewery right underneath story bridge. You might need a jumper because when the sun goes down it does get a little chilly and this yoga class is right on the river!

More details about the free yoga here!

These are just some of the many things to do in Brisbane but these things are specifically good in winter!

Where to Stay in Brisbane

If you do decide to visit Brisbane in winter then accommodation prices will drop. When it comes to choosing somewhere to stay in Brisbane some of the best suburbs to look into are:

  • New Farm – Quiet suburb away from the hustle and bustle of the city but only a 30-minute walk along the river into the CBD
  • Newstead – Again farther from the city but a lovely area taking 25 minutes to walk in
  • Fortitude Valley – If nights out and partying is what you’re looking for then Fortitude Valley is the place. Find all the nightclubs and bars in this area along with China Town!
  • South Bank – Again it’s in the middle of everything going on. South Bank is lined with restaurants, bars, shops and cafes. A lot of the nice hotels are found on South Bank so expect to pay a little more.
  • Brisbane CBD – As any high rise building in the CBD will offer views of the city it will again come at a price. There are some gorgeous places in town but it won’t be cheap!

During our time living in Brisbane, we lived in Newstead and spend some time New Farm both I would recommend, especially on Air BnB. There are hundreds of listings in these areas which are a lot nice than staying closer to the city. The New Farm River Walk is also a great experience in winter too. The walk runs from New Farm to the Botanic Gardens along the river and under Brisbane’s Iconic Story Bridge. You’ll also pass Felons Brewery and a bunch of new restaurants which opened up in November 2018. A great pit stop for a pint.

Winter is seriously the best time to visit Brisbane

The weather is perfect and the humidity low with so much going on the city! You can expect this awesome weather from the whole of the East Coast making winter a great time for a road trip. We road tripped from Cairns to Sydney in October and even though summer was getting closer it was still so quiet! If you’re looking to save some $$ in Australia then winter is going to be the time to do it in the whole country, not just Brisbane. If you do decide to visit other places in winter then check the weather first, Sydney and Melbourne will be considerably colder than any place in Queensland and South Australia even get snow!

I hope you enjoyed this post explaining why winter is the best time to visit Brisbane! If you did enjoy it I would be so thankful if you could share it with your friends or family!

Happy and Healthy Travels,


Ultimate Guide to Brisbane: All You Need to Know!

Ultimate Guide to Brisbane: All You Need to Know!

The Ultimate Guide to Brisbane

Brisbane, the most up and coming city in Australia. Brisbane like most other smaller cities in Australia is often outcast by the bigger and, let’s face it more famous and popular cities that are Sydney and Melbourne. In 2018/19 we were lucky enough to live in this vibrant city for four months. Following the amazing time we had in Brisbane I’m making it my mission to give Brisbane the recognition it deserves! Starting with this Ultimate Guide to Brisbane. I’m hoping that this guide may just inspire you to add Brisbane to your Aussie bucket list! So why should you visit Brisbane?

Ultimate Guide to Brisbane – The Weather!

As we touched down on Aussie soil in June 2018, despite the temperature soaring 25 degrees (yes we are British) Australia was in the height of winter. So even though we knew it wasn’t going to be ‘cold’ anywhere we picked the city we knew would be the warmest in ‘winter’ Brisbane. Located in Queensland, nicknamed the sunshine state, Brisbane is one of the hottest places to hang out during winter in Australia. It’s also the best time of year to visit Brisbane. Because of its inland position, Brisbane reaches humidity levels over 90-100% during the summer months, if you do plan on visiting Brissy then do so in winter!

Temperatures in winter remain a comfortable 14-25 degrees but it rarely drops below 16 in the daytime during June-August. The humidity is low and the sun will shine probably every day! Brisbane experiences very little rainfall so the chances are you’ll have plenty of dry weather to enjoy all Brisbane has to offer. As a guide to Brisbane in the summer months expect a more sticky situation. The temperature rises to 30 degrees with, as I previously mentioned, humidity reaching 100% some days. Picture having a shower, going outside to put the bin out and feel like you need another shower – not nice!

It only took a week living in this sunny city for us to realise what a beauty it was! We’d soon become accustomed to taking long walks along the river, having coffee and brunch out almost every day and living our most relaxed out lives to date! When they talk about the standard of living in Australia is relaxed, they mean it! It’s hard to explain why. The vibe is just a lot slower, especially in Brisbane! So if you’re looking for a winter break with slow travel in mind then Brisbane could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Guide to Brisbane: Basics

Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)

Language: English

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Guide to Brisbane: How to Get There

So, you’ve just touched down in Australia and the excitement is flowing through your veins! The mistake you don’t want to make is not knowing how earth to get from the Airport to your accommodation! Sounds obvious right? Well, apparently not for us!

Quick Story Time

As we waltzed out of the airport we thought he had it covered! We had our air train ticket booked and headed for the station! Trouble was that’s all we had booked! We hadn’t booked a taxi or a coach from the station to our Air BnB or anything! I don’t know how we thought we were going to navigate our way to our accommodation with no idea where we were and no Wi-Fi!

Luckily, Brisbane is awesome and in the city, there are free Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere, we eventually made it to our Air BnB via BUS! Pretty impressive hey?

Air Train:

The Air Train service runs from the airport seven days a week, from 5 am – 11 pm. From the airport to Brisbane city centre it takes approximately 40-45minutes. Tickets are cheaper if bought online so book before you ride! $15 per person approximately (September 2018)
You can find the timetable and where to book tickets via the Air Train website here


There are taxis available from the airport if you don’t mind spending a little extra. Brisbane uses two taxi companies: Yellow Cabs and Black and White Cabs, both taxis are situated at the taxi ranks at both the international and domestic terminal. Do not use any other taxi company as these are only two that Brisbane Council recommends. Uber is big is Brisbane depending on your opinion of the service I’ll leave that up to you!

You’ll find taxi ranks located at both terminals:
Domestic terminal: in front of the domestic terminal building centrally.
International terminal: at the northern end of the terminal outside to the left.

In off-peak times it takes 20 minutes to drive to the airport costing $45-$55 (September 2018) Peak Times your looking at 30 minutes costing a little more but not much more. If it costs more than $60 you are being ripped off big time!

For more information on taxis’ take a look here!


You can also choose between a council-run bus service and a shuttle run bus service to and from the airport. Brisbane recommends Con-x-Ion as its best shuttle bus service which will take you to a choice of destinations in and around the city, prices starting at $15!

Check out more information here

The council’s bus service runs seven days a week from the Sky Gate Centre at both terminals! You can check the Translink website for more details on that!

My advice would be to get air-train as its cheap and convenient stopping at every suburb on the way into the city! Just make sure you know exactly where and how you’re going to get to your onward destination from there!

Ariel view of Brisbane from Kangaroo Point

The beautiful city of Brisbane

Guide to Brisbane: Where to Stay

The city of Brisbane is small, and a lot of the hotels are in and around the CBD or on South bank/South Brisbane. But Brisbane is surrounded by beautiful suburbs with some amazing accommodation opportunities and by far my favourite option is always Air BnB.

New Farm

New farm is one of my favourite suburbs in Brisbane just a 30-minute walk from the city centre! This suburb is a lovely and quite an affluent area of Brisbane bustling with amazing coffee shops, brunch spots, yoga studios and the famous New Farm River Walk. It’s the first place we stayed in Brisbane and gave us perfect first impressions of the city. New Farm has great transport links into the city that include, two ferries, one free and one paid service (paid service is quicker), bus or of course by your own two feet. I’d say New Farm is the best option if you’re not a traditional backpacker looking to be in the thick of it, travelling with a family, are a little bit older or in general, wanting to avoid the party scene. As a couple in our mid-twenties who love walking New Farm was perfect!

If you do end up staying in New Farm some of the top things to do are:

New Farm River Walk
Eat Brunch at The Moray Cafe
Grab a free comedy show at The Powerhouse every Friday at 5 pm
Relax with skyline views of the city in New Farm Park

Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley is the home of the backpackers. Nicknamed ‘The Valley’ this is party central of the city where all the students, partiers and backpackers gather to let their hair down most nights of the week. Fortitude Valley is the home to most of the hostels in Brisbane, so if your down from the coast for a weekend then a hostel could be a great option for you!

The most popular hostel in the valley Bunk Brisbane Backpackers or otherwise known as Birdees located in the hub of the Valley!

Birdees is well known for its crazy pool parties in the summer months! Surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars and in a great location to get into the city! Bunk Brisbane is the ultimate go-to for backpackers and partiers alike! This hostel is full of everything you could need to host the ultimate backpacker party! Not only is this hostel in an epic location it has some of the best facilities around! Birdees comes equipped with three bars and a tiki-inspired rooftop! With plenty of dorms to choose from and the option for 4,6,10 and 20 shares I’m sure this hostel has exactly what you are looking for! & did I mention the pool? This hostel comes equipped with a heated pool open all year round! Because let’s face it, it always feels like summertime in Australia! Fortitude Valley is also the night-life queen of Brisbane which I’ll mention later on is this guide to Brisbane!

South Bank

If you want to be in amongst the action but perhaps not so much in the clubbing scene then South Bank is an amazing option for you! South Bank runs parallel the Brisbane River and is the home to Streets Beach and plenty of restaurants and cafes to feed you for a year! You won’t find too many hostels on South Bank, but you will find plenty of hotels that line the streets.

An average night in a hotel on South Bank for two people will cost approx. $100-$200 per night so it isn’t your cheapest option but it’s probably the best one if you want to stay in a hotel! Everything you could possibly need is close by, including all the transport links to get around the city!

The Brisbane wheel photographed to show off South Bank

The Brisbane Wheel located on South Bank

Brisbane CBD

Of course, you’ve also got the CBD which I wouldn’t recommend staying in unless you’re on a business trip or for some reason need to be in the city centre! There isn’t much going on in the CBD of Brisbane, most of the action happens on the river at South Bank or at Eagle Street Pier. There’s very little for the tourist to explore in the CBD but there are great shopping facilities! From Tiffany’s to H&M you’ll find a shop for you whatever your budget! So, if shopping is your thing then go for it, but you’re going to pay for it!

An average hotel night in the CBD will set you back $100-250 a night, on the plus side you will get some epic views of the river if you choose your hotel wisely! You can see where your hotel is in comparison to the river by using Google maps!

There are plenty of other suburbs that are amazing to stay in. However, if I list them all we will be here all day, literally, there are loads! West End, South Brisbane, Kangaroo Point, Morning Side the list goes on! But the ones mentioned above are my top picks for staying in Brisbane, having spent a lot of time in each of the above places I know you’ll have a blast staying there!

Please note this is an affiliate link so if you book via this link I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank You!

Guide to Brisbane: Things to Do

Swimming in South Bank pool

Cool off in the lagoon on South Bank

As a city, Brisbane boasts energy and vibrancy whilst being one of the most laid-back cities in Australia. Whilst a lot of the main tourist landmarks in Australia are located on the East Coast and in the bigger cities such as Sydney, I mean we’ve all heard of the opera house, right? Brisbane is still bursting with things to do and has so many places that you shouldn’t be missing out on when visiting the land down under!

Relax on South Bank

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again South Bank is the life and soul of the party. The entertainment hub of this city sits on the edge on the river dazzling with shops, bars, restaurants and even a man-made beach! Make sure you hit up South Bank as much as you can because there is always something going on!

Head down on a Sunday to enjoy Social on the Green a free event every Sunday hosting live music and drinks galore. South Bank is perfect for everyone whether you’re a family of four or a backpacking circle of friends you can enjoy what South Bank has to offer. There are also markets on at South Bank every Friday – Sunday for a spot of shopping promoting local small businesses!

Visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Not far from the city just a little journey down the river sits Fig Tree Pocket. The lovely little suburb of Fig Tree Pocket is home to a few furry Australians natives. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is one of Australia’s only koala sanctuary which helps sick and injured koalas. The sanctuary first opened it’s doors way back in the 1920s and continues to help these furry creatures today. As well as koalas you can roam around the huge open spaces with Kangaroos, Emus, Joey’s and Dingoes! But of course, that’s not all you’ll crocodiles and a very friendly platypus within the park too! You don’t want to miss taking a visit to the sanctuary during your visit to Brisbane!

Check out some more information about the sanctuary here!

Kangaroo Point Cliffs and River life

On the other side of the river to the city lays Kangaroo Point, now Kangaroo Point is residential but right down by the river it has a great walk along with some brilliant activities! Take a stroll along the Kangaroo Cliffs Broad Walk, Climb and Abseil down the Cliffs with the River life centre!

Story Bridge

Not as iconic as the Sydney Harbour Bridge but still pretty impressive and at the heart of the city. As you wander down the river walk you won’t be able to miss it. For the best views head of the Story Bridge make your way to Wilsons Outlook Reserve. A great place to watch the sunset and capture some amazing shots of the Story Bridge. If you’re looking for an adrenaline activity then you can also climb the bridge.

Views of the Story Bridge

The Story Bridge

Hike up Mount Coot Tha

Hike up to the top of Moot Count Tha for some epic views of the city below. These views are amazing at any time of day but if you have a car go for sunrise or sunset for some amazing views that will stay with you forever! The hike to the top of Mount Coot Tha is fairly easy if you have a good level of fitness but there is a bus that runs right to the summit as well. There’s a restaurant at the top which is reasonably priced but I’d take a picnic and lay out on the grass – maybe treat yourself to ice cream?

Guide to Brisbane: Day Trips From Brisbane

Whale Watching from Redcliffe

In the months of June-November, the humpback whales migrate to the warm Australian waters. Luckily for us, we can take this opportunity to try and spot some of these magnificent creatures in their own habitat! Brisbane Whale Watching company runs various tours from the months of June to November where they guarantee sightings! After using this company, I wouldn’t want to use any other I cannot recommend them enough!

Shorncliffe Pier

The quaint little seaside town of Shorncliffe is just thirty minutes away from Brisbane and well worth a visit if you have a chance! It’s an excellent place to go for a walk, fishing, a splash in the sea or enjoy some brilliant fish and chips!

Glass House Mountains National Park

The Glass House Mountains National Park is situated above Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and gives some amazing views when you reach the top! Get outside and breathe some fresh air into your lungs as you hike upwards to the top of the glass house mountains!

The view from the top of the Glass House Mountains

Enjoying the scenic views at the summit!

For the low down on what’s happening in Brisbane bookmark these pages!

Urban List Brisbane 

Visit Brisbane

Guide to Brisbane: Where to Eat

Brisbane is foodie central! If you’re into food markets, then Brisbane has got you covered! We haven’t even been able to scratch the surface when it comes to enjoying some of the culinary delights Brisbane has to offer, but here are our some of our favourites!

Eat Street Markets

I think I talk about this in every Brisbane related post! Think small food market with a few stalls, then multiply by a thousand! Eat Street is the place to be! With over a hundred different food stalls and every cuisine going you are spoilt for choice!

Couple at Eat Street Markets

Eat? Okay if you insist!

The Moray Cafe

This perfect cafe in New Farm does the best brunch in the city! We ate here on our first morning in Brisbane and have gone back continuously!

Superbowl Chinese Restaurant

In need of a little updating from the outside but once inside this place will get your taste buds tingling! As always go where the locals go and they all go here!


Now more a casual dining experience come fast food option Zeus does the best Greek wraps in the city! Try the Hermes wrap if you like things a little spicy!

PNut Noodles

We became a little bit addicted to these noodles since we arrived! We just can’t resist a Pad Thai!

The Manhattan Line, Oxford Street, Bulimba

The best value for money when it comes to American dining! I’ll drop a picture below of all the food we ate here for just $50!

Korilla BBQ

BBQ for yourself in the middle of your table! This amazing Korean BBQ restaurant brings out your meats raw and you cook yourself on the BBQ plate which we think is pretty cool! The food was delicious, and it brought a little bit of fun to our dinner too! Located in China Town & Queens Street Mall.

The Brunswick Project

One of our top picks for breakfast/brunch!

Night Noodle Markets

Now this will 100% depend on when you’re visiting Brisbane but if you’re lucky enough to be here in July, then hit the night noodle markets on South Bank for some amazing choice of Asian food from noodles to pork buns!

Top Tip – Fear Not! If you are visiting at a different time of year, then South Bank will have you covered you can follow @eatsouthbank on Instagram for the latest updates of amazing street food coming to Brisbane!

The Munich – Not the cheapest of options but if your looking for something close to a Sunday lunch then grab a German banger’s, mash and gravy from The Munich, you won’t go home hungry that’s for sure!

As well as some superb eatery’s Brisbane is also full of quaint and quirky cafes to feed those caffeine cravings! Some of our favourites: The Moray Cafe (yep again!), The Brunswick Project, Miss Jones, King Arthur Café, The Coffee Club (because the opening hours are great!), Who Shot the Barista and Jimmy’s on the Mall and the list again could go on and on!

Guide to Brisbane: Nightlife

Brisbane is a pretty family-friendly city but that doesn’t mean the nightlife isn’t just as good! Brisbane has some epic party spots for all round banger of a night out! And the majority will stay open until the sun rises!

Howard Smiths Wharf

New to Brisbane in 2018 Howard Smiths Wharf is located on the New Farm Riverwalk directly underneath the Story Bridge. Complete with a brewery, 2 sophisticated cocktail bars and private venue areas it’s the new place to be! With a perfect view out onto the river, it’s ideal for daytime or nighttime drinking! If you’re a Yoga fan you can also enjoy free beer and yoga on a Monday night from 5:30 pm.

Eagle Street Pier

This is one of the places to be for a sophisticated night out with cocktails by the river or to start off! The many bars look out onto the river making perfect scenery to start your night off! I recommend Riverbar and Kitchen and Riverland which are the two best bars to kick off your evening on the town.

Fortitude Valley

This is where your party will end up if you want clubs and late bars this is your place. Usually most busy on a weekend but you can have a fun night out in the week too! The top places in the valley for dance are, The Woolly Mammoth, TBC, Cloud-land, RG Hotel and The Osborne!

South Bank

For a chilled evening out with friends for a beer and a good conversation then you want to hit up South Bank with plenty of bars to choose from and live music every night of the week, it’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends or hang with fellow travellers.

Guide to Brisbane: Transport

Finally, I thought I’d give a very brief overview of how you can around the city because it’s super important, I think anyway!

Brisbane has great transport links including, bus, ferry and train being the easiest. The CityHopper is a free service along the river and The CityCat is paid, if you’re just visiting Brisbane and staying central then you can get everywhere you need to go via the CityHopper! If you are venturing out a little further one of the other options may be more suited! The trains and very regular as are the buses!

If you’re in Brisbane for an extended period, I highly recommend getting a GoCard – go here for more information!

These cards will reduce your cost of travel, for example, single fare without GoCard $5 with GoCard $2, it’s well worth the $10 deposit (which you can get back if you hand your card back to a ticket office at the end of your trip!) Other than that Brisbane is quite small, and a full loop of the city would only take you a few hours to walk, and by your own two feet is a perfect way of exploring!

Sharing is Caring

So, I really hope you’re excited about your upcoming trip to Brisbane and if you’re not heading to this sunshine city then I hope you enjoyed learning a little about it! If you have visited or know Brissy well and think I’ve missed something super crucial, then I want to hear from you! Comment below or send me an email at [email protected]

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The Ten Best Things to do in Brisbane City

The Ten Best Things to do in Brisbane City

After living in Brisbane Australia for six months I wouldn’t call myself an expert on the city but I’d say I’m pretty close. After a lot of exploring we quickly learnt that there’s a lot of things to great things to do in this city despite its ‘unpopularity’ score with a lot of backpackers in Australia. Brisbane is definitely one of the less famous cities down under. The majority of people visiting Australia head to the likes of Sydney or Melbourne, just passing through Brisbane perhaps on an East Coast road trip. Brisbane lives in the shadows of the bigger cities but I hope that I can convince more people to give Brisbane more of a chance starting with sharing The Ten Best Things to Do in Brisbane City!

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Granted the city of Brisbane is somewhat smaller than those of Melbourne and Sydney but its got a lot going for it. I like to describe Brisbane as a cultural haven. If you’re into brunch, coffee shops, getting up early for walks along the river, food markets and live music then Brisbane is the city for you! There are also heaps of free things to do in this city, I have a whole other post dedicated to the best free things to do in Brisbane here.

The Ten Best Things to do in Brisbane City

1. Visit Streets Beach on South Bank

Swimming in South Bank pool in Brisbane at Streets Beach
Cool off in the lagoon on South Bank

“Everyone’s favourite, South Bank” the words of the sailors as the free city hopper anchors on the end of the jetty.

South Bank is the entertainment hub of Brisbane with a buzz about the air no matter come day or night. South Bank is one of my favourite places in Brisbane. Lined with cafes, restaurants, shops, and bars it’s the social capital of the city. Its also home to Streets Beach.

The one thing that drags Brisbane down in comparison to other Australian cities is that it isn’t on the coast. Brisbane is located over one hour inland from the East Coast. Whilst you can easily get to the coast on public transport or by car the city decided to take matters into its own hands and build a man-made beach. This little beach is definitely on the best things to do in Brisbane city and is loved by so many.

Locals, travellers you name it those living or staying in Brissy for a little bit of time are in that lagoon cooling down come summertime!

2. Indulge at Eat Street Markets

The entrance sign at the Eat Street Markets
Anything that involves eating keeps us one happy couple!

Do you love food? Then Brisbane is your city! The ultimate favourite foodie haven in the city is Eat Street Markets! I actually think I could write a whole blog post on how amazing this place is! The Eat Street Markets sit at the end of the ferry route in Northshore Hamilton and is easily accessible by the City Cat ferry. Imagine all your favourite food cuisines in one place and I mean hundreds of different cuisines, all sat on the edge of the river in huge shipping containers!

You’ve got everything from starter to dessert and curry to fish and chips, there is something for everyone! But Eat Street Markets is more than just a place to go and eat it’s an experience. The market is only open Friday – Sunday but there’s a live stage with different acts performing every week. It’s mostly music but the atmosphere is amazing. Kids get up and dance on the grass whilst adults watch on and by late Saturday everyone is up singing and dancing after knocking back a few beverages!

3. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Things to do in Brisbane, Lone Pine, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, Things to do, Brisbane Top Ten, Top Ten Things to do in Brisbane
Cute? We think so!

What animals do you think of when you think of Australia? Kangaroos? Crocodiles? Koalas? Me too! And you can see all of these at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane! It’s hands down one of the best things to do in Brisbane city even though it’s about an hour away but I’m still counting it!! The sanctuary first opened its doors way back in 1927 to sick and injured Koalas. Although Koalas aren’t yet an endangered species in Australia they are hunted for their fur a lot in the wild and their future definitely isn’t 100% certain.

You can get up close and personal with these Australian natives and even hold a Koala if you would like to. I don’t personally agree with this practice because Koalas are a wild animal and not supposed to interact with humans. The sanctuary do say that they put practices in place to protect the Koalas whilst being held but it’s something you should research first. There are also a variety of other Aussie natives at the sanctuary including injured joeys, kangaroos and dingoes.

4. Walk or Cycle The New Farm River Walk

Things to do in Brisbane
City Cycles are free for 30 minutes

This walk comes up in most of my posts about Brisbane probably because it’s one of the nicest walks in the city! This walks runs from the suburb of New Farm back into the city centre suspended on a bridge above the water. The New Farm River Walk was rebuilt after the previous walkway was destroyed in the disastrous 2011 Brisbane floods! It’s just over a mile long and super easy. You’ll walk around the winding river taking in views of Kangaroo Point and the Story Bridge.

If you want to mix up a little then grab a city cycle and cycle instead of walking! Cycling is a popular option in Brisbane and you can literally hire city cycle bikes for free around every corner! Brisbane is quite flat so it’s easy to cycle around which is why I think people would say that cycling is one of the best things to do in Brisbane city.

5. Kangaroo Point Cliffs Broadwalk/ River Activities

Kangaroo Point is home to some great cliff edges and along the top, you can follow a Broadwalk which will take you along the top of the cliffs and then down to the waterfront. This walk is host to some of the best views of the city so make sure you have your camera in tow! Sunrise is the best time to go and watch the city come alive from the cliff tops. The sun will rise behind the Story Bridge so you get a gorgeous warm reflecting over the city.

As well as being one of the best places to capture great shots of the city Kangaroo point is home to River Life Adventure Centre where you can hire kayaks, climb and abseil down the cliffs. Again sunrise kayak will give you an amazing view of the city.

6. Cruise Brisbane River

cruise the brisbane river one of the best things to do in brisbane city
Take the CityCat around the Brisbane River

Seen as Brisbane is built upon the river it would rude not to appreciate the natural wonder and cruise along! Brisbane has so many options when it comes to exploring the river! The City Hopper and City Cat are Brisbane’s public transport ferries that go up and down the river. The city hopper is free and only covers the main stops around the CBD. The city cat, however, stops for miles along the river and you can hop on-off for two hours without having to buy another ticket!

Check out the timetables and all the stops here!

Brisbane also offers tonnes of private boats that you can enjoy on the river. The two most popular are the Seadeck, seen as Brisbane’s river party boat and the Kookaburra Showboat a more relaxed dine and cruise experience!

The Best Things to Do in Brisbane City!

7. Visit or Hike Mount Coot Tha

A mere twenty-five minutes bus journey out of Brisbane and across the city towards the suburb and mountain of Mount Coot Tha. Mount Coot Tha is a great lookout for the whole city! You can see the whole of Brisbane river, the CBD and you can even see Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island in the distance! North Stradbroke Island is a wonderful island for a day if you have extra time in Brisbane, I wrote a post on that here! Make sure you head up on a clear day, which isn’t hard to get in Brisbane! There are two restaurants at the summit of Mount Coot Tha so you can enjoy a spot of lunch with a fantastic view!

8. Ride The Brisbane Wheel

The Brisbane wheel photographed to show off South Bank
The Brisbane Wheel located on South Bank

This is the only thing that we haven’t actually done! I was sceptical as to whether I even include this or not. But even though I don’t share the same opinion people seem to love big wheels! Other than the London eye I haven’t really embarked on any big wheel experiences and when I did take a ride on the London eye I was massively disappointed! The prices of these things are silly! Sure the views are good from the top but I bet you can find a great rooftop bar with the same view and you get to enjoy a lovely cocktail or two! What could be better?

That said people who visit love the Brisbane Big Wheel so if you’re a fan of seeing some great views then apparently this is the place to be! It costs $21 so it’s not going to break the bank! The architecture of the wheel itself is brilliant! Its located on South Bank so you won’t miss it!

9. Free Yoga under The Story Bridge!

This is a fairly new addition to Brisbane but if you happen to be in the city on a Monday night you have to take advantage of a free yoga session! This yoga class isn’t just any class but a yoga and beer class! Hosted by Felons Brewery underneath the Story Bridge it’s a great thing to enjoy. Take your travel partner or go it solo and stretch off. The views are wonderful and the bonus is of course that it’s free.

When? Every Monday at 5:30 PM at Felons Brewery on the grass.

10. Visit the Brisbane Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in Brisbane are beautiful. With lush green lawns and gorgeous water features, the botanical gardens are a great place to relax. It’s the perfect spot in Brisbane for a picnic or just a walk around. I recommend walking all the way around the botanical gardens to reach South Bank on the other side.

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3 Days in Brisbane – The Only Guide You Need

3 Days in Brisbane – The Only Guide You Need

Brisbane is Australia’s most up and coming city! Often overlooked by its much bigger sisters Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane is upping it’s game and earning its place on the map! When cruising down the East Coast of Australia so many travellers often roll pass Brisbane without a second thought! After living in Brisbane for six months I can say that they are are missing out! After spending a lot of time in this gorgeous city I urge you to give it a shot even if just for the weekend! This guide to 3 days in Brisbane has all the information you need to make this city your next destination!

Where is Brisbane

Brisbane is a beautiful city located in the sunshine state of Australia, Queensland. With great weather all year round it’s a favourite for those hunting for the sunshine. With the East Coast literally on it’s doorstep Brisbane is a gateway to many of Australia’s most popular hotspots. With Byron Bay and Noosa just a couple of hours drive away it’s a great spot for weekend breaks.

It’s also a great place in itself to take a weekend break. Brisbane has an international airport so is easy to get to from other places in Australia and from overseas. Brisbane is easily to get to from the airport once you arrive with the air-train stopping in all the major suburbs for $20 PP. If you’re penciling it in as part of a road down the East Coast then you’ll pretty much drive through so it’s worth stopping by in Brisbane for at least 3 days.

3 Days in Brisbane – Itinerary

Day 1 Morning – New Farm River Walk, Story Bridge, Eagle Street Pier and the Botanic Gardens

For these 3 days in Brisbane start off early morning so it’s easier to fit everything this has to offer in. The New Farm River walk is a great way to kick off 3 days in Brisbane. But before hitting the walk make sure you’ve got a great breakfast in you first! The New Farm River Walk starts in New Farm, funnily enough, and is home to one of my favourite breakfast or brunch spots in the city which is The Moray Cafe.

Sit outside in luxurious New Farm bustling with yoga studios, puppies in strollers and shoppers wearing their best active wear! You’ll realise that New Farm is quite an affulent area in the city and is a great spot to stay in Brisbane for a few days. It’s easy to navigate to the into the city and has everything you need. New Farm was where we stayed in our first Air BnB when we first arrived in Brisbane and we fell in the love with the location!

Weekend Guide to Brisbane, Brisbane, Weekend, Guide, Top Things to Do, Brunch

The BEST breakfast in Brisbane!

After enjoying this breakfast lets walk or cycle it off on the New Farm River Walk! This scenic walk runs from New Farm across the river to the city. It was recently re-built after the previous walk way was destroyed in the 2011 Brisbane Floods.

The walk itself is just over half a mile long and easily walked in 20-30 minutes. The views of the city are incredible and you’ll walk straight under Story Bridge, a suspension Bridge connecting two sides of the city. If you’d rather cycle the Brisbane has City Cycles all over which you can hire! The first 30 minutes of any cycle journey is free, for 31 minutes – 1 hour is $2 then $5 for every hour thereafter.

Weekend Guide to Brisbane, Brisbane, Guide, Top Things to Do

The Story Bridge Brisbane

Stop to ‘Hydrate’ at Felons Brewery

As you approach the city you’ll see various resturants and bars lining the river. Take a break from the walk and have a beer in Felons Brewery with great views of the city. It’s reasonably priced with great food options too. If you’re in Brisbane on a Monday night then Felons Brewery also holds a free Yoga class on the lawn at 05:30 every week!

Eagle Street Pier

After a hydration stop continue the river walk right around to the Eagle Street Pier. Eagle street pier is another hub located on the river filled with cafes and restaurants with brilliant views. The Riverbar and Kitchen is a great spot for a coffee, food or beer.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Continue walking the river until the Botanic Gardens. Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens are beautiful, filled with flowers, gardens, play areas for the little ones and lagoons! Make sure you check out this page for things that are going at the Botanic Gardens! For one Saturday every month they host ‘Gigs and Picnics’ a free event with live music and food trucks. The Botanic Gardens is a must-see whilst spending 3 days in Brisbane.

I’ve put all the places mentioned in this section of the post in the map below!

Day 1 Afternoon – South Bank

Once you’ve explored the Botanic Gardens the next gem to explore in Brisbane is South Bank! The South Bank Parklands is located on the other side of the river in South Brisbane. You can either use google maps and walk there from the Botanic Gardens which will take you approximately 30-45 minutes. It’s also easy to get the ferry as well. Head back to Eagle Street Pier and hop on the CityHopper to South Bank. The City Hopper is a free hop on hop off ferry service.

South Bank is lined with shops, cafes and resturants but it’s also home to Brisbane’s only beach. Streets Beach brings a little bit of the coast to the city. It’s a man made beach overlooking the city which is so cool and very popular. It’s the place to be to cool down in the summer and where all the action takes place in Brisbane. If chilling out just isn’t your style then there is much more to explore at South Bank! South Bank is home to the Brisbane Wheel, Segway tours and other riverside activities so you won’t be stuck for something to do.

South Bank also comes alive in the evening. Find live music on at almost every venue so grab a beer and relax in one of the many bars for the evening!

My Top Picks for Bar’s on South Bank Brisbane

  • The Plough Inn
  • The Munich
  • South Bank Beer Garden
  • Big Little House
  • Tipplers Tap

South Bank is also host to small market featuring some great small businesses from Friday to Sunday.

Day Two – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Weekend Guide to Brisbane

How Cute

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! If you haven’t already seen a Koala during your Australian adventure then wait no longer! Brisbane is home to one of the biggest Koala sanctuaries in the whole of Australia! It also features some other Australian natives including, kangaroos, crocodiles, dingoes and even a very friendly platypus!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a day out that I would highly recommend! The sanctuary itself isn’t that big so you only need 4 hours maximum, get up early so you can be back in the city for the afternoon/evening! The sanctuary has been rehabilitating Koala’s since the 1920’s. You can have the oppurtunity to hold a Koala but personally I don’t believe it’s ethical to do so. There is an oppurtunity to take a river cruise to the sanctuary. This is what we did as we were bought it as a gift from a friend and it was so interesting. As you cruise down the river listen to the commentry and learn a lot about the history of Brisbane.

For more information about Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary I have written a whole other post on it here!

Day Two Afternoon – Eat Streets Market

Now this could be one of my favourites places in Brisbane! Once you arrive back in the city be ready for a foodie packed afternoon/evening! Down the river at North Shore Hamilton is the home to the Eat Streets Markets, or what I like to call Brisbane Foodie Heaven! Now I’m not just talking your average food market I’m talking huge shipping containers filled with every food cuisine you could think of! In the centre is a huge stage where you can dance along to live music every weekend!

Weekend Guide to Brisbane

Eat Street Markets, don’t miss your Instagram opportunity either!

Eat Streets is something you do not wanna miss! To get there hop on the CityCat ferry. The fare only costs $4.20 and entry into Eat Streets is just $3! Honestly you won’t be disappointed kick back relax and enjoy the live music which is what the city of Brisbane is all about.

Day 3 – Mount Coot Tha

Ready for an adventure filled Sunday to finish up 3 days in Brisbane time in this vibrant city?

Just outside Brisbane lives the suburb Mount Coot Tha which funnily enough is also a great mountain to explore! Mount Coot Tha offers some epic views of the city which you just can’t miss! Mount Coot Tha is easily accessible from the CBD via bus. (I’ll leave all transport links at the end of the post!) On arrival you can depart the bus at the bottom of the Mountain or at the summit! If you get off at the bottom you can climb to top of the mountain following some fun hiking trails! When you reach the summit the views of the city are pretty awesome! On a clear day you can see Moreton and North Stradbroke Island too! This spot is wonderful for both sunrise and sunset.

Day 3 Afternoon – Kangaroo Point

Once back in the city head over to the Kangaroo Point cliffs! Depending on where in the city you are when you return from Mount Coot Tha will depend how you get there. If you’re in the city centre then head to Eagle Street Pier and catch the city hopper across to Thornton Street. When you depart the ferry turn left and enjoy the stroll at the bottom of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, the views of the city are amazing!

You’ve got a few options when visiting the Kangaroo cliffs! Kangaroo point is home to River life an adventure centre where you can get up to all sorts of activities the big attractions being, kayaking and climbing up the cliffs themselves! You can hire kayaks for $45 and take part in a climb starting at around $50 as you walk along the river at Kangaroo point you won’t miss the River Life centre!

If you just fancy a quiet afternoon you can continue you stroll along the water front. When you reach the open cliff face you’ll come to some steps. CLIMB THEM! As well as being a great workout the view of the city from the top is brilliant! As you look towards the city keep walking left and you’ll come to another awesome look out point for the river!

Ready to enjoy 3 days in Brisbane for the weekend? By following this 3 day in Brisbane guid you cannot possibly go wrong.

Eassentials when Planning a 3 Days in Brisbane

Brisbane Transport Links

City Hopper: The city hopper is a free ferry service that operates in the city centre of Brisbane stopping at: Sydney Street, Holman Street, Eagle Street Pier, Thornton Street, Maritime Museum, South Bank and North Quay only, you can see the time table here.

CityCat: The city cat is a paid ferry service which is in turn a lot quicker than the city hopper and covers a lot more stops. You can see the time table for the city cat and fares here.

Bus/Train: The bus/train network within Brisbane is pretty good and you venture around the city quite easily using the either mode of transport I however prefer the ferry! You can use the Translink website here to navigate where you need to be and it’ll give you the best transport options.

Go Card: If your in Brisbane for more than a weekend then it could be worth purchasing a GoCard as you get reduced fares and you can use it all mode’s of a transport. Check it out here more for more information.

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I hope that this weekend guide to Brisbane shows you a little snippet of this wonderful city has to offer! If you would like an more information or recommendations on the city then you can contact us at: [email protected]

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Brisbane Australia: Exploring Mount Coot Tha

Brisbane Australia: Exploring Mount Coot Tha

Hey & welcome to another post showing how awesome Brisbane Australia really is! If you read my previous post ‘Free Things To Do in Brisbane’. (If you didn’t then please check it out!)

Then you’ll probably be wondering why this stunning trek up Mount Coot Tha in Brisbane Australia wasn’t included just from looking at that view!

Brisbane, Australia, Mount Coot Tha, Exploring Mount Tha, Exploring Brisbane, Queensland, East Coast

The views from Mount Coot Tha

That’s because we hadn’t explored this gem until this week! But if your in Brisbane then heading to Mount Coot Tha should definitely be on your list!

So here is everything you need to know about trekking up Mount Coot Tha for the first time!

Mount Coot Tha is basically a mountain overlooking the entire city. Its also a suburb and people do actually live very close! Its not far the suburb Auchenflower.

The mountain is 287 metres above sea level making it the highest point within the City.

If you thinking about heading to Mount Coot Tha check out how you can get there via public transport or car at the end of this post.

Getting to the Top!

Brisbane, Australia, East Coast, Visit Brisbane, Mount Coot Tha, Exploring Mount Coot Tha

Enjoying the trail walk to the summit of Mount Coot Tha

When arriving at the mountain you can decide to tackle it various ways. We chose to start at the bottom and work our way up! You can either follow Mount Coot Tha road straight up to the mountain or take the route through the botanical and Japanese gardens (recommended).

If you plan on walking up the mountain head to the visitor information desk at the bottom. Their super helpful and will give you a map of the gardens and the trails at the top of the mountain. There are so many trails and walks you can do up to the summit. When you reach the top there’s the Mount Coot Tha forest which has heaps of trail walks if that’s what your looking for!

We took the Citriodara Trail which is accessible for walkers and mountain bikes only!

Brisbane, Australia, Exploring Mount Coot Tha

We enjoyed the winding paths through the rain forest that leads up to the mountain. The gardens are all paved but when you reach the entrance to the trail it becomes a dirt track and has some pretty impressive inclines so only tackle this if you’re confident! Especially in the Queensland summer! (We went in winter and were still sweating but we are british!)

You continue following the trail for around 2.2km and will eventually meet the road. You can either cross the road and continue the trail but it does veer off into the forest! So when you reach a large bend in the road (you can see it from the trail) make your way back to the road and cross over! If in doubt just follow the road up and you won’t miss it! We weren’t told this and nearly ended up miles away!

When you reach the top all sweaty and out of puff as soon as you see the view it will be worth it!
On a clear day when there isn’t a cloud in the sky you can see for miles! You can see the whole of the city literally at your fingertips!

Brisbane, East Coast, Queensland, Australia, Exploring Mount Coot Tha

The summit with views of the city in the background!

If your lucky enough to get super a clear day with the sun is shining down over Brisbane, you’ll be able to see Northstradbroke Island In front of you and Moreton Island to the left! The view doesn’t really need an introduction so here it is: AGAIN

Brisbane, Australia, East Coast, Exploring Mount Coot Tha

Again the views in the background don’t need an introduction, neither does the guy in the picture!

Things to Do:

Your going to want to admire the view for a little while so make sure you either take a picnic which is what we did! There’s plenty of grassed area with the view straight in front of you! Or you can enjoy the on site café and restaurant which services food and alcohol all day everyday!

P.S The ice cream is really good too!

Brisbane, Australia, Exploring Mount Coot Tha, Queensland, East Coast

So kick back, enjoy and relax enjoy if the best things in Brisbane Australia!

Getting There

If your on public transport you may think getting to the top of a mountain may be tricky! That’s where you are wrong! There are buses from the city every hour! You want to take the 471 which stops at various stops in the CBD we got on at Adelaide street stop 34.

This bus will then take you right to the top of the mountain! You can either get off at the botanical gardens to walk up to the top or you can stay on until you reach the summit! Be aware the last bus back is pretty early (4:30pm) so don’t miss it or it’s a long way back to the CBD!

Car: there’s road all the way to the summit which are accessible by car just pop the address into your sat nav and hey presto! The journey is around twenty minutes from the CBD via car or half an hour by bus!

Mount Coot Tha Lookout is a fabulous day out for all the family! Don’t miss it if your next stop is Brisbane Australia!


Free Things to Do in Brisbane!

Free Things to Do in Brisbane!

In this post I’m going to share with you some of the great free things to do in Brisbane! We’ve only been in Brisbane just over a week but we’ve already been exploring things to do in this beautiful city, including a bunch of free activities! Often outcast by its much bigger sisters Sydney and Melbourne, this vibrant city is often overlooked and underrated!

It may not be your typical sea, surf and all things BBQ but Brisbane is foodie and cultural heaven! With cafes, food markets, restaurants and bars around every corner you can try something new everyday! And I can bet that the prices are a lot lower than that of Sydney and Melbourne!

Other than eating your weight in great food there’s so much more you can do! A Bonus being that there is so many free things to do in Brisbane! So here we’ve put together just a fraction of the free things to do in Brisbane!

1. Southbank Parklands

Free Things to do in Brisbane, South Bank, Lagoon, Brisbane, Australia, Queensland, East Coast

The Lagoon at South Bank a little chilly in the winter months but great to cool down in summer!

Just across the river from the CBD sits the buzzing Southbank Parklands. Built upon the river bank the parklands is full of energising   cafes, bars and restaurants you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The main complaint people have about Brisbane is its lack of beach! But hey all is not lost as a man made beach, called Streets Beach,with two pools sits on the Southbank and its not far from the real thing either! Pretty cool huh? You can throw down a towel and enjoy the Queensland sunshine feeling pretty much like your on a real beach!

You can also ride the Brisbane Wheel and get an amazing shot in front of the famous Brisbane Letters!

Budget: FREE

Tip: If you’re looking for ice cream make sure you check out Nitrogenie. All of their ice creams and shakes are made with liquid nitrogen and it’s delicious! ($7 upwards)

Free Things to Do in Brisbane, East Coast, Brisbane, Australia, Queensland, South Bank, Ice Cream

Free Things to do in Brisbane

2. River Walk from New Farm

Free Things to Do in Brisbane, New Farm River Walk, Brisbane, Australia, Queensland, East Coast

Free Things to do in Brisbane

When we first arrived in Brisbane we were lucky enough to stay in an air bnb in the suburb of New Farm, it was gorgeous! About 30 minutes from the city centre and across the river, New Farm is full of cafes and culture. And it’s great and I mean great for brunch!

The best thing that New Farm has to offer is the river walk! The river walk is an above water pedestrian and cycle way.

The walkway was built to replace the previous walkway which was destroyed in the Brisbane floods in 2011. You can hire a bicycle from Sydney Street to cycle over the bridge or walk at a leisurely pace across into the city! The walk is over 850 metres and is a comfortable walk when in the heat of Queensland!

Budget: Totally Free

3. Eat Streets Markets

Free Things to Do in Brisbane, Eat Streets, Australia, Brisbane, East Coast, Queensland

The donuts van at Eat Streets

When I said that Brisbane is foodie heaven I wasn’t over exaggerating! Now I cheated a little here! Eat Streets Market isn’t free but its only $3 entry and is totally worth it! Over in Northshore (easy access via ferry, car or bus!) right beside the river you’ll find the all eating, all drinking markets.

The markets are built on shipping containers which is pretty cool! There’s every genre of food you can imagine from American, BBQ, Thai, Seafood to desserts and candy floss literally the size of your head! The markets are open every weekend from Friday – Sunday and if your in Brisbane for the weekend you can’t miss it!

There’s a stage where different acts come to peform each weekend! The acts are great at getting the crowd involved and making sure everyone’s having a great time! There’s also a projector screen where movies are played just check which ones are on before you go!

Budget: $3 entry but totally worth it! Food: $5 upwards

4. Cruise along the Brisbane River

Free Things to do in Brisbane, city hopper, free, Brisbane, Australia, Queenasland

Enjoying a ride on the free city hopper!

With the city built along the river you’ve got to take the chance to cruise on the water! There’s two types of transport that run along the river the Cityhopper and CityCat. The City Hopper is completely free and goes to all the stops in and around the CBD. These ferries come every half an hour and though they can be slow they are a great way to cruise down the river whilst enjoying views of the city!

The other option is to take the CityCat which is a lot faster but charges $4.70. The CityCat does go further up and down the river so just get out the route map before you go!

Budget: Cityhopper: FREE CityCat: $4.70 per journey (2018)

5. Botanic Gardens

Free Things to Do in Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia, Free, Queensland, East Coast

The Botanic Gardens

Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city Brisbane is home to the Botanic Gardens. These beautiful gardens are just minutes away from the CBD. With stretches of lawn filled with palm trees, gorgeous flowers and bamboo shoots just to name a few!

Because this city is in the sunshine state it gets very little rainfall! You can always get your friends together and head on down for a picnic! The Gardens has paths winding all the way around so its great for walking, running or cycling. You can find a cycle station at all entrances of the park! And finally, there’s also a child’s play area if your accompanied by little ones, so there really is something for everyone!

Budget: Totally Free!

So there you have it! Five free (well almost!) awesome things to do in Brisbane if you’re on a budget!

Of course this isn’t all Brisbane has to offer! And its certainly not an exhaustive list of free things to do in Bisbane! I’ve got so many more hints and tips coming your way! From exploring the views at the top of Mount Coot-Tha to cuddling Koala Bears at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! If you enjoyed this post and can’t wait for the next one then fill out the form and hit subscribe! You’ll get them straight to your inbox!

Maybe Brisbane isn’t your next destination but perhaps New York is? If so check out my 8 Free Things to Do in NYC Here!