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Welcome to my travel blog! I’m Alicia, a 20 something travel addicted nurse, who has left the constant struggle of abiding by the shift work roster behind for the adventure of a lifetime. I’m the author of Alicia Overseas and I help people, like you, find inspiration to travel the world even with a full-time job. Everywhere I’ve travelled so far has been whilst working full time. As a nurse, I’m lucky that I can work in all English speaking countries as a nurse. Without my full-time job, I wouldn’t be travelling as I do. As well as my best travel tips this blog focuses on why you should travel and work.

My Backstory

I’ll give you the short story about me first, then my blogging journey below!

I grew up in a tiny village called Holmfirth in Yorkshire, England, (that’s around four hours north of London, in case you were wondering!). It was the sort of village where everybody knows everybody and the majority, go to school, college, university, get a good job and carry on living life in the same village. It sounds harsh I know but that’s just the way it was and still is even in 2019.

& I was no exception to the rule.

I joined the never-ending wheel of society, did well in school, went to university and qualified as a nurse in 2015. After qualifying I found myself wondering, what is next? Is this it? Do I get a job, buy a house and carry on nursing until retirement saving for the once a year all-inclusive holiday to Spain? I had no idea what was expected of me or what was in store for me. So after I graduated I got a job in the local hospital but not before I fled away on a three-week solo trip to the USA.

Yep, I worked three days at my new job nursing, took three weeks annual leave and headed stateside. When I get asked about this trip I always say how amazing it was but if I’m being truly honest this adventure made me who I am today. This was the trip that ignited the wanderlust inside me to travel the world. Since I touched down at Manchester airport at the end of those three weeks, I knew what I going to do next. I had no idea how or when but one thing was for certain,

Alicia Overseas, Travel Blog

Here I am, a throwback to the Grand Canyon USA in 2015 when I had no idea how to take a half decent photograph and selfies had only just begun…

I was going to travel the world!

But of course travelling the world is a big deal and back then I had no idea how I’d ever be able to pull it off. So I went to my new job after my trip with nothing but a pipe dream and great memories. As time went on I found myself becoming more and more miserable. I didn’t want to just work and pay bills which is exactly what I found myself doing for the next two years! I would sit watching Mollie Bylett on YouTube and reading blogs by Jessie on a Journey wishing it was me.

Was I ever going to be brave enough to get out there and explore the wonders of this world? It wasn’t looking likely. I had always dreamed of visiting Australia since I was a little girl. I don’t know why but something was always pulling me towards the big island on the other side of the world. I’d always talked to my friends about how incredible Australia looked and I would always harp on about living there at some point. My friends would roll their eyes as another year passed as all I did was talk and take no action. So what happened next?

I met a boy!

Here we go! I thought to myself I’ve fallen in love so maybe I don’t need to travel, I have a great job, great friends and family. Why do I need to jet off around the world? And it was these thoughts that made me realise that I could and would never let go of this dream. I found myself sitting this boy down and sayingwould you ever move to Australia because if you wouldn’t there really isn’t much point in us carrying on this’ this moment took nobody by surprise more than myself.

I felt it in my heart, the lust to get out there and travel the world. I needed to travel and I needed to start in Australia. But of course, during the months and almost two years following this conversation life happened. We worked, moved in together and our plans to travel seemed to be getting further from our reach. I felt overcome with fear and anxiety that we just didn’t have what it takes. The money, time or guts.

I’ve always been very good at listening to the negatives inside my head, I’ve suffered from anxiety and the fear of rejection on more occasion than one. I would’ve usually listened to that voice and let another year pass but one day I suddenly decided we had to go this and we were doing it the following year (so this is in 2017!)

We suddenly started making a plan to flee to Australia that time next year. I knew that I could nurse in Australia quite quickly so it actually didn’t matter how much money we saved anyway! & from this moment nothing stopped us! We saved hard, worked hard and in turn have been playing hard in Australia for seven months now & I brought my nursing career with me!

Getting to Australia made me realised that I can do anything in the world that I want to. I can visit every country in the world if I want to. I can do anything if I put my mind to it! The next thing I know I’m writing a travel blog, which is way out of my comfort zone! (Read more about my blogging journey below!)

Since arriving in Australia in June 2018 it’s made me realise how big the world really is! There is so much to see. When we set off for the land down under I imagined never leaving but now I see just how many more places are calling us. Travel is everything to me and right now our main priority.

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Blogging Journey

My blogging journey, I actually have no idea where to start with this one but I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster already! I started this blog back in June 2018 with the idea to update my family and friends on our journey. I also thought it would be cool to share some of my travel tips. When I first started I had no idea that people actually made a living out of blogging and used their love for travel to create more of a business! The thought created a surge of excitement inside as I thought, why can’t that be me? But I had no idea what work blogging professionally actually meant! The amount of learning involved, networking, basically building an empire up from scratch is hard work! So I ummed and ahhed for a while deciding what I really wanted to blog about, changed my mind and theme about one million times, knew nothing about SEO and had no sense of branding what so ever!

It’s only since January 2019 that I’ve started taking the steps to invest in myself and my blog! I love this little space that I’ve created to let my creativity thrive and share my travel journey. I’ve got big plans for this little blog and can’t wait to see where my blogging journey takes me. I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m learning from other bloggers, learning SEO and all the trips and tricks to kickstart my blogging career. So, if you know any resources that would be useful then please let me know in the comments or send me an email!

As a newbie to the travel world, I want to make life easier for everyone who is just getting started in the online world. Therefore I’m going to be creating travel guides for newbie travellers based on places I’ve been! You’ll find plenty of tips on Things To Do and Free Travel Tips for the destinations I’ve visited too!

I just want to say how grateful I am for your support and hope you continue following me along on my journey around the world!


Throughout this blog, you’ll find affiliate links. Basically, if you purchase any products that I recommend I’ll receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you! The products that I recommend in this blog are products I love and trust, I will only recommend a product if I believe it and what it represents.

Work With Me

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