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Byron Bay Lighthouse

Eating and travel go hand and hand. Anyone who disagrees with that notion, well we simply can’t be friends. Seriously though, wherever I go travelling finding good food always finds a place in my travel plans. Whether that’s finding the best street food in New York, best pasta in Italy or best triple chocolate muffin (David’s favourite) in the local cafes. Byron Bay is one of Australias most laid back surfer towns and so inspiring. As a creative, I could live on the shores creating my life away and of course, eating! So, in this post, I’m talking about all of the best cafes to eat in Byron Bay and other places to eat too! 

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Byron Bay is the ultimate haven for all travellers. It’s hip, chic, urban, relaxing and perfect for everyone. No matter how you travel, as a couple, solo, as a family, you’ll find the perfect place to eat. Whether your a meat-eater or vegan there will be somewhere for you to indulge in! Byron also has some of the best chocolate brownies I have ever tasted. So get ready for some serious mouth-watering chat! 

The Best Cafes Byron Bay – In no particular order!

  1. Spice – The hole in the wall serving up some killer brownies. 
  2. Folk Cafe – Plant-based goodness served up just as you leave (or enter) the bay!
  3. Suffolk Bakery  – Take-Out coffee with a danish pastry or maybe some freshly baked bread? 
  4. The Pass Cafe – A perfect pit stop whilst enjoying the Cape Byron Lighthouse Walk 
  5. Mokha Cafe – Sometimes a bit of a wait but the brunches are so worth it!
  6. Fish Heads – The best place for fish and chips in town!
  7. Asia Joes – Authentic Asian cuisine hidden down one of Byron’s side streets that buzzes with independent restaurants! 
  8. The Sticky Wicket – Perfect for sports lovers or anyone who fancies some hot wings! 
  9. Miss Margaritas – Because Mexican is always a good idea!
  10. Balcony – Happy hour cocktails from 4-6 every day with a gorgeous outside area to people watch over everyone!
  11. Byron Beach Hotel – Perfect for some daytime nachos whilst nursing an ice-cold beer overlooking the beach!
  12. Bella Rosa – Seriously the best ice cream I have tasted, ever! 
  13. The Loft – Classy bar with a balcony overlooking the bay – pretty glam so put those glad rags on! 
  14. Byron Bay Sunday markets! 

Byron Bay probably has hundreds of cafes, take outs, bars, restaurants but these ones are definitely my favourites! We spent a lot of time in Byron Bay during our year in Australia and honestly I could move there tomorrow. So what makes the places the best cafes in Byron? Well, they are all different so if you want a little more information on them then keep reading! 

Where to Eat – The Best Cafes and Restaurants in Byron Bay 

Spice aka The Place with the Brownies 

There’s no point in leaving the best indulgent until last. Splice is literally a tiny cafe nestled in-between two other shops on the street. It serves up dessert treats and great coffees but the brownies are the main star of the show! Choose from an array of gorgeous flavours from white chocolate and raspberry, salted caramel, walnut and many more which I can’t remember – too busy eating! There’s no place to eat in as it’s just a small takeout area so grab a brownie and walk on the beach. The owners also have an adorable German Shepard in tow too so if that’s not a reason to stop by then I don’t know what is! 

Check out their Facebook page here!

Spice one of the best cafes in Byron Bay
Cute Right?

Mokha – Perfect brunch cafe!

Mokha is a great place for brunch in Byron! We’ve revisited every time in Byron so far! Its central location makes it a great spot to start off the day. The brunch menu is filled with pancakes, eggs benny, Acai bowls – the lot! The only thing about this place is that the last time we visited we did have a bit of a wait for the meal. But with such a central location it’s a lovely place to watch the world go by whilst you do wait. When the food arrived it was delicious as always. Something else just to bare in mind is that this cafe does get very busy so plan ahead and they only accept card payments over $10, which in Australia is easily done for brunch! 

Folk Cafe 

This cute little cafe has quickly become one of Byron Bays most popular cafes. Its location is a little strange so given the popularity not really says something about the place. You can find Folk Cafe on the main road out of Byron next to the Discovery Park camping ground, which by the way is a great camping spot for a weekend in the bay. Folk focus on plant-based eating and vegetarian meals. Even if you do eat meat this place is certainly worth checking out. I’m personally not a vegetarian but the brunches are gorgeous! The drinks are lush too, they do a great Chai latte. So even if you’re just staying at the campsite grab a drink to take away or grab one for the road on your way home. But if you can sit outside in this chic cafe and enjoy a relaxing morning. 

Folk cafe Byron Bay
Folk Cafe!

Suffolk Bakery 

Suffolk Bakery is a great cafe to visit whilst in Byron Bay. It’s more of a takeout cafe with a few tables outside but the coffee is great and pastries so yummy! It is located in a little way out of the town centre but. No more than a ten minute away though, if you take a trip a Nimbin then you can stop off on the way! There’s also a great campsite down the road from the bakery which is sat right on Tallow Beach – one of the best places for sunrise in Byron Bay! I recommend staying there is want a cheaper campsite than those closer to the beach.

The Pass Cafe 

The Pass Cafe is a little hidden gem in the hills of Byron. We came across it whilst hiking the Cape Byron Lighthouse Walk which is a Byron must-do by the way! The cafe does drinks and food but it’s a great place for a cold beverage before reaching the lighthouse especially on a hot summers day! Sit outside and enjoy the views across the ocean. Whilst at The Pass Cafe be sure to keep looking up at the area is surrounded by eucalyptus trees – the home of the fluffy koala! We saw our first wild koala in Byron Bay! 

Fish Heads 

Like a true Brit I think there is nothing better than walk on the beach eating Fish and Chips at the end of the day. Good fish and chips can be so hard to come by these days and in Oceania so can fish chips and curry sauce! It may sound gross but back in the UK, I lather the curry sauce on like no tomorrow. But in the absence of thick curry sauce, I’ll settle for gravy. But in Australia, even gravy is hard to come by at the chip shop! At Fish Heads in Byron Bay, I was very pleased to see gravy on the list of sides! 

But all jokes aside this chippy does the best fish and chips in Byron at a great price. For a takeaway Fish, Chips and Gravy is just $12 which in terms of Australian eating out prices is fairly decent! Fish Heads also have a sit-down restaurant but booking in advance is recommended especially on an evening. The restaurant is actually in a great location on the beachfront so you can watch the waves whilst you eat definitely, one of the best cafes to eat in Byron Bay. 

Asia Joes 

Byron Bay has a lot of Australian and American cuisines but if you fancy a taste of Asia then Asia Joes is the place to go. Located just off Johnson Street, the main Byron strip, Asia Joe’s is nestled in with a few other independent restaurants including the Cyprus Tree and Thai Lucy. Having eaten at both Thai Lucy and Asia Joes I think I have to give Asia Joes the best marks for Asian cafes! The masaman curry is perfect, definitely worth a visit during a trip to Byron Bay. 

The Sticky Wicket 

A little different to most other places on the list and definitely more of a bar than a cafe but still worth a place on the list. The Sticky Wicket is a great place for sports and music lovers. They play sports on the screens and often have gigs going on upstairs so it’s a strange mix. The best thing about this bar in Byron Bay is the prices! The happy hour consists of very cheap wine and $1 wings – pretty good deal! It’s a great place to visit whilst waiting for a table in some of the restaurants and cafes in Byron Bay.

The Sticky Wicket in Byron Bay
The Sticky Wicket

Miss Margaritas 

Miss Margaritas serves up some of the best Mexican in the world! Honestly, I’m not kidding the Mexican is so good. Every time we’ve been to Byron Bay there’s a queue out of the door, down the street and usually a wait time of up to an hour. But honestly, it’s worth it. Unfortunately, they don’t take bookings so it’s getting there early unless you’re happy to wait. If there is a wait when you arrive then it will be worth it. There’s plenty of bars and shops open late to hang around in whilst you wait or you can always take a stroll on the beach. Miss Margarita is more of a Mexican restaurant opposed to a cafe but the vibe is completely chilled!


Balcony Bar is another popular evening spot in Byron Bay. It’s a super nice bar with a great happy hour every day from 4-6. You can even enjoy $1 oysters if you really want it to. Balcony Bar is one of the more upmarket spots in Byron Bay so get dressed up and enjoy some great food and drinks! Though people do get dolled up for the evening it’s definitely more of a casual drinking place in the daytime. The Balcony that runs around the building looks over the town. 

Bella Rosa 

Ice cream at the seaside is a must-do and there is plenty of the places selling ice cream all over in Byron Bay. That said, Bella Rosa serves some of the best ice creams I’ve tasted. It’s super light with all of the rich flavours. The coconut or peanut butter are a few of my faves. Even after a big meal, these ice creams don’t leave you feeling bloated. Great for a hot day whilst enjoying the beautiful beaches. 

Byron Bay Beach Hotel

The beach hotel is on the corner of Johnson Street looking over the beach. It’s completely chilled out and the ideal bar for daytime cocktails and snacks! The nachos or hot chips are great to indulge in the middle of the day hiding from the hot sun! 

The Loft 

The Loft is a little like Balcony bar and definitely one of the nicest bars in Byron. We haven’t ever eaten here but the drinks are lovely and the view out onto the shops is lovely. 

Byron Bay Sunday Markets

The Byron Bay Sunday markets are on every week and have some awesome food stalls worth tasting! Choose from nachos, Moroccan wraps or maybe a healthy smoothie or juice! The markets host independent artists, fashion designers, foods and loads more! It’s a great market to have a look around even if you don’t want to shop or eat there! 

Check out the market timetable here!

Byron Bay Sunday Markets
The nachos are good!

So, I hope you enjoyed this post on the best cafes in Byron Bay. As well as some other great places to eat whilst relaxing in the best surfer town Australia has got! If you’re thinking about visiting Byron Bay then you might like my posts on ‘Things to Do in Byron Bay’ and ‘The Ultimate Weekend in Byron Itinerary’. If you did enjoy this post then I would love it if you could share it with your friends!

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