Brisbane Australia: Exploring Mount Coot Tha

Brisbane Australia

Hey & welcome to another post showing how awesome Brisbane Australia really is! If you read my previous post ‘Free Things To Do in Brisbane’. (If you didn’t then please check it out!)

Then you’ll probably be wondering why this stunning trek up Mount Coot Tha in Brisbane Australia wasn’t included just from looking at that view!

Brisbane, Australia, Mount Coot Tha, Exploring Mount Tha, Exploring Brisbane, Queensland, East Coast
The views from Mount Coot Tha

That’s because we hadn’t explored this gem until this week! But if your in Brisbane then heading to Mount Coot Tha should definitely be on your list!

So here is everything you need to know about trekking up Mount Coot Tha for the first time!

Mount Coot Tha is basically a mountain overlooking the entire city. Its also a suburb and people do actually live very close! Its not far the suburb Auchenflower.

The mountain is 287 metres above sea level making it the highest point within the City.

If you thinking about heading to Mount Coot Tha check out how you can get there via public transport or car at the end of this post.

Getting to the Top!

Brisbane, Australia, East Coast, Visit Brisbane, Mount Coot Tha, Exploring Mount Coot Tha
Enjoying the trail walk to the summit of Mount Coot Tha

When arriving at the mountain you can decide to tackle it various ways. We chose to start at the bottom and work our way up! You can either follow Mount Coot Tha road straight up to the mountain or take the route through the botanical and Japanese gardens (recommended).

If you plan on walking up the mountain head to the visitor information desk at the bottom. Their super helpful and will give you a map of the gardens and the trails at the top of the mountain. There are so many trails and walks you can do up to the summit. When you reach the top there’s the Mount Coot Tha forest which has heaps of trail walks if that’s what your looking for!

We took the Citriodara Trail which is accessible for walkers and mountain bikes only!

Brisbane, Australia, Exploring Mount Coot Tha

We enjoyed the winding paths through the rain forest that leads up to the mountain. The gardens are all paved but when you reach the entrance to the trail it becomes a dirt track and has some pretty impressive inclines so only tackle this if you’re confident! Especially in the Queensland summer! (We went in winter and were still sweating but we are british!)

You continue following the trail for around 2.2km and will eventually meet the road. You can either cross the road and continue the trail but it does veer off into the forest! So when you reach a large bend in the road (you can see it from the trail) make your way back to the road and cross over! If in doubt just follow the road up and you won’t miss it! We weren’t told this and nearly ended up miles away!

When you reach the top all sweaty and out of puff as soon as you see the view it will be worth it!
On a clear day when there isn’t a cloud in the sky you can see for miles! You can see the whole of the city literally at your fingertips!

Brisbane, East Coast, Queensland, Australia, Exploring Mount Coot Tha
The summit with views of the city in the background!

If your lucky enough to get super a clear day with the sun is shining down over Brisbane, you’ll be able to see Northstradbroke Island In front of you and Moreton Island to the left! The view doesn’t really need an introduction so here it is: AGAIN

Brisbane, Australia, East Coast, Exploring Mount Coot Tha
Again the views in the background don’t need an introduction, neither does the guy in the picture!

Things to Do:

Your going to want to admire the view for a little while so make sure you either take a picnic which is what we did! There’s plenty of grassed area with the view straight in front of you! Or you can enjoy the on site café and restaurant which services food and alcohol all day everyday!

P.S The ice cream is really good too!

Brisbane, Australia, Exploring Mount Coot Tha, Queensland, East Coast

So kick back, enjoy and relax enjoy if the best things in Brisbane Australia!

Getting There

If your on public transport you may think getting to the top of a mountain may be tricky! That’s where you are wrong! There are buses from the city every hour! You want to take the 471 which stops at various stops in the CBD we got on at Adelaide street stop 34.

This bus will then take you right to the top of the mountain! You can either get off at the botanical gardens to walk up to the top or you can stay on until you reach the summit! Be aware the last bus back is pretty early (4:30pm) so don’t miss it or it’s a long way back to the CBD!

Car: there’s road all the way to the summit which are accessible by car just pop the address into your sat nav and hey presto! The journey is around twenty minutes from the CBD via car or half an hour by bus!

Mount Coot Tha Lookout is a fabulous day out for all the family! Don’t miss it if your next stop is Brisbane Australia!



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