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New Horizon Whitsundays: The Ultimate Sailing Experience

Sailing the Whitsundays in Australia is an experience I shall never ever forget. Engraved in my mind, memories that will last forever and friends made that will last a lifetime. The Whitsundays is probably the most famous, popular and incredible experience to have in Australia. Though heavily populated with tourists and locals alike, this is one adventure that you have to embark upon. Sailing through crystal clear aqua waters,

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The East Coast of Australia. The most famous and popular backpacking destination for all travellers alike. If you’re going to visit Australia then the east coast has got to be somewhere you explore. From the treetops of the Daintree to the white swirls of the Whitehaven beach the east coast is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. No matter how you travel down the coast your bound to have a fantastic time but,

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Cheer Up, Slow Down and Chill Out. The words painted on the welcome sign as you approach Byron Bay have you instantly break a smile. Byron Bay has everything you need to make this exact remedy come alive. It’s the ultimate hub of relaxation where nobody is in a rush and all that matters is what time you’re heading to the beach.

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Free Things to Do in Sydney in 2019

Sydney Australia, the city often mistaken for the capital, is truly one in a million. After being lucky enough to live here in 2018-19 this city captured our hearts in more ways than one. From the famous landmarks that leave you speechless to the dozens of gorgeous beaches around almost every corner you turn.

Sydney is the city that has it all. It’s the perfect blend of big city living and beach town vibes.

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Best Beaches in Australia: East Coast

When we made the decision to come and explore Australia I must admit I was incredibly excited about exploring some of the best beaches in the world! Coming from England in the United Kingdom it’s safe to say that we don’t do beaches like quite like Australia. Though Scotland and southern England are home to some gorgeous beaches, the weather is often not in our favour. With at least 150 days of complete sunshine a year all over Australia,

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Atherton Tablelands Self-Drive Waterfall Trail!

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Atherton Tablelands Self Drive Waterfall Trail Australia

Hidden deep in the hinterland of the Atherton Tablelands lay some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the East Coast of Australia.

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Things To Do in Byron Bay This Year

Heading to Byron Bay this year? Well if you are I’ve got a great bunch of Things to Do in Byron Bay in 2019 right here! PS. I’m extremely jealous and hate you a little at the moment.

As we crossed the border from Queensland to New South Wales we could hardly believe that we were heading into the last week of our road trip.

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The Australian east coast has dominated the world of travelling and travel blogging for some years now. So has this place already been written about too many times? Is it really worth all the hype to do the stereotypical camper van hire from Cairns to Sydney? The answer? Well, of course, that will be different depending on who you are because all of our experiences are different. I love travelling, even to hyped up places that seem to be on everyone’s bucket list because I know that my experience is going to be totally different from anybody else’s on this planet.

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