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The Backpackers Guide to the Best Walks in Sydney and Beyond!

Australia, the home of the great outdoors. Exploring places by walking and taking epic hikes has always been close to my heart. Growing up in the Yorkshire countryside, surrounded by hills for miles, Sunday walks were a family favourite. Since walking has always been something I loved to do, it’s no surprise that over the years I’ve discovered that the best way to explore is with your own two feet.

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Cheer Up, Slow Down and Chill Out. The words painted on the welcome sign as you approach Byron Bay have you instantly break a smile. Byron Bay has everything you need to make this exact remedy come alive. It’s the ultimate hub of relaxation where nobody is in a rush and all that matters is what time you’re heading to the beach.

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Sydney, Australias most famous city without a doubt. Home to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge landmarks that are well known all over the world. Travellers flock in every day to catch a glimpse of these sights for themselves. I can assure you that they don’t disappoint. After living in Sydney for six months I can tell you confidently that three days just won’t be enough to experience all this city has to offer.

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Free Things to Do in Sydney in 2019

Sydney Australia, the city often mistaken for the capital, is truly one in a million. After being lucky enough to live here in 2018-19 this city captured our hearts in more ways than one. From the famous landmarks that leave you speechless to the dozens of gorgeous beaches around almost every corner you turn.

Sydney is the city that has it all. It’s the perfect blend of big city living and beach town vibes.

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Things To Do in Byron Bay This Year

Heading to Byron Bay this year? Well if you are I’ve got a great bunch of Things to Do in Byron Bay in 2019 right here! PS. I’m extremely jealous and hate you a little at the moment.

As we crossed the border from Queensland to New South Wales we could hardly believe that we were heading into the last week of our road trip.

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