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Why You Should Visit New York in July

New York, the city, other than Disneyland which yes technically isn’t a city, where wildest dreams come true. You’ve pined over the bright lights of New York for years, through the television, photographs plastered over the interest, interviews with your favourite celebs. Everyone seems to have a connection with the big apple. And now here you are, stood in Times Square dodging tourists left right and centre.

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New York City – 8 Free Things To Do

8 Free Things to Do in New York City – I don’t know about you but one of my favourite parts about exploring a new place is finding all the exciting things you can get up to for free! There isn’t any traveller I know who doesn’t love a good bargain after all why pay a higher price for something that you could get for cheaper?!

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Where to Stay in New York for the First Time!

New York City is magical. New York is hyped up by travellers all over the world and it’s one of the ‘hypes’ I completely believe in. I’m a true New York lover. If given the chance I would move there tomorrow, but maybe that would ruin the magic? Perhaps I’ll just stick to visiting more often. Prior to arriving in New York City for the first time,

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Four Days in New York on a Budget!

The big apple is famous for its glitz, glamour, fashion and all things that scream expensive! But I’m here to show you that you can enjoy four days in New York on a budget, that doesn’t result in a whacking credit card bill and the need for a second job!

Before we get straight into how to spend four days in this fabulous city here’s my number one tip for anyone visiting New York and not wanting to spend the Earth:

Don’t go During a holiday season!

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New York City is extraordinary. With a population of approximately 8 million people in a land area of just 789km squared you’ve got to wonder what all the fuss is about! The big apple has so many different attractions it can be overwhelming when deciding which ones to go see! I had five days to explore all New York had to offer and whilst I visited all the main attractions we certainly didn’t have time to do everything –

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