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Over 4000km later we can finally scribble off ‘East Coast Roadie’ from our bucket list and I’ve got to say it feels amazing! What an incredible month we’ve had on the road and I’m so sad that’s it’s now come to an end, can we start all over again? I must admit I had no idea how I would handle ‘van life’ for an entire month, but I can’t believe how much I loved it! If anyone has a beautiful pastel coloured VW camper, that they don’t want any more then I’m your girl! (wishful thinking!)

East Coast Raodie, Roadie, Road Trip East Coast, East Coast of Australia, Australian East Coast
A little bit like this one that I took a sneaky picture of.. Yes I’m that girl.

If you’re new here then, welcome, but if you haven’t read ‘East Coast Roadie – Part 1’ then go read that and then come back here! It will make much more sense that way round!

So, we’ve just crossed the Queensland boarder after an epic three weeks exploring everything the sunshine state has to offer, which turns out, is heaps of to die for beaches, national parks galore, a sailing trip I’ll never forget and the great Fraser Island or K’Gari, (It’s aboriginal name before It was known as Fraser Island) We are now in New South Wales the home to one and only Sydney Opera House, but we had a lot more to experience before we made it there!

This post before we go any further is again just a tiny snapshot of what we have been up to on the East Coast, I haven’t been very good at keeping up with post writing as we’ve gone, naughty naughty, so these are just a couple of teaser posts before I spill out all the gory details!

Byron Bay

East Coast Raodie, Roadie, Road Trip East Coast, East Coast of Australia, Australian East Coast
How could you not fall in love with that?

So now officially in a different state we were heading to one of the most famous backpacker destinations here in Australia, Byron Bay. Now some people call Byron Bay magical, spiritual and a place where great things can happen. Some people see it as a place to get drunk and dance on the beach, either or. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when we rolled up to Byron Bay where I had prejudgements myself, the home of the ultimate hippy, people doing yoga everywhere, guitarists scattered all over, matched with boys pulling off long blonde wavy locks. Whilst some of these stereotypes were bang on some were a little skewed. I wouldn’t class myself as a ‘hippy’ and I had no idea if Byron Bay would be the place for me.

How I was wrong

East Coast Raodie, Roadie, Road Trip East Coast, East Coast of Australia, Australian East Coast
Sunrise on Tallow Beach in Byron Bay was spectacular!

Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful beach towns I have ever been too, and I’ve been to some nice ones! This place has got so much to offer! Prior to arriving in Byron Bay, I was reading a blog post by Where’s Mollie and her words were that however much time you plan to stay in Byron Bay, double it. I would even go as far as to add double it again. This is only place on the East Coast where we chose to stay for longer than we had planned! The beaches in the bay are stunning not to mention the amazing walk you can take up to the light house. From surf lessons to yoga there is so much to do in Byron Bay! After spending four days here both Dave & I fell in love with the place! We even made some pretty big decisions about the next few years right here in Byron Bay! I don’t know if I believe that places can be magical for the soul but there is definitely something about Byron Bay.

East Coast Raodie, Roadie, Road Trip East Coast, East Coast of Australia, Australian East Coast
If you’re heading to Byron Bay this summer then the Lighthouse walk is a must!

Oh, and did I mention Nimbin? If you’ve ever been to Nimbin then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say, what the hell? This town sits an hour inland from Byron Bay and is a world completely on its own. If you think that Byron Bay has a hippy feel, then just wait until you visit Nimbin. Nimbin is a place where ‘cookies’ are sold on the streets and people will ask you if you want to smoke a joint on every other corner. No make that every 500 yards. You can buy something rainbow coloured or tie died in every shop and they have some cool clothes! I could’ve/should’ve bought so much more than we did! (Budget travellers and all that!) but the experience was one I’ll not forget. You don’t need long here I think we spent an hour or so exploring the strip and that was plenty!

East Coast Raodie, Roadie, Road Trip East Coast, East Coast of Australia, Australian East Coast

Byron Bay – Coffs Harbour

So, after five relaxing days in Byron Bay we were hitting the road again! Now the last five days kind of felt like a race to get to Sydney, we only had three days before we hit the big city, but we were determined to make the most of it! Due to the limited amount of time we had, we probably didn’t make the most of the other places we visited down the NSW coastline. The next place we hit was Coffs Harbour, apparently famous for ‘The Big Banana’ which we saw but did not know how much people loved this land mark! Coffs Harbour was our home for just one night and the highlight of this town was indeed Sealy lookout! Sealy lookout is a suspended Sky Forest Pier which opens out the whole of Coffs Harbour from above! We only found out about this place the day before going so it was a nice surprise! Other than that, the marina down at the Harbour is lovely, quiet and peaceful a great place to take a picnic and a stroll!

East Coast Raodie, Roadie, Road Trip East Coast, East Coast of Australia, Australian East Coast
Sealy Lookout, I found the structure pretty impressive along with the view!

Coffs Harbour – Port Macquarie – Lake Macquarie

As I said before these last days felt like a little like a race to Sydney! We hadn’t planned out where we were staying after Coffs, so we hit the road with an open mind! We stopped off at Port Macquarie for some lunch and did some researching into campsites between there and Newcastle. It was then when we came across Lake Macquarie which was a spectacular accident! We found what looked like a gorgeous lake side campsite online and it was sensational! For our final night on the road we pulled up to our pitch, backed onto the beautiful Lake Macquarie and had an evening of beautiful sunsets and watching pelicans and black swans as they swam the water. It was a perfect end to a perfect month!

Lake Macquarie – Sydney

1 Couple


East Coast Roadie, East Coast Road Trip, Australian East Coast, Aussie Road Trip, Australia
Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays had to be our favourite!

1 Camper Van

East Coast Roadie, Road Trip, Camper van, Van Life, Australian East Coast
Our lovable camper that I was almost going to hide out with in the outback, just so I could keep her!

4000 Kilometres

And 32 days later we had made it to the big city!

Sydney Australia!

East Coast Roadie, Australian East Coast, Roadie, Sydney
The Iconic Postcard view of Sydney!

A mere 1.5 hours’ drive from Lake Macquarie was our ultimate destination. The home of the Opera House, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Rescue and so much more! It’s hard to believe that Sydney isn’t the capital of Australia, you hear so much about it and so little about Canberra. But we’d made it and we were welcomed with a big temperature drop and a whole day of pouring rain!

But that wasn’t going to stop us, off we went in true tourist fashion and headed for Circular Quay and found exactly what we were looking for!

This trip has been incredible (did I say that already?) and one that will be in our hearts forever! We’ve seen and done so much and met some beautiful people along the way! I know this post was short and brief, but I just wanted to share with you all where we’d been and what you can expect over the next few months!

So, what is next? Well as you imagine this blog is about to become a blog about all things Australia! Detailed blog posts, travel guides and all the tips and tricks we’ve learnt on this epic roadie are all on the way! As for Dave and me, Sydney is about to become our home for the next six months so I’m hoping in this time we will become micro experts of this sensational city!

I really hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about where we’ve been & if you did help a blogger out and leave a comment below! I can’t do any of this without my readers so thank you!

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