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So what really is moving to Australia like? We are here update you three months in!

Australia is one of those countries that’s on most people’s bucket list right? It’s often a big one because, yes it’s so far away, from anywhere else, in the world! I can certainly say that it was probably my biggest country that I wanted to tick off the bucket list and even more make it my home for some time! This year in June 2018, just in case I’m lucky enough to have readers still reading this in a couple of years’ time, I managed to cross ‘moving to Australia’off the bucket list with a big fat marker pen. That in itself feels like an immense achievement!

And now we’ve been living down under for three whole months! As I write that sentence and say it out loud I can’t quite believe it’s already been that long, the time has flown like a quick bolt of lightning across the sky! It feels like two minutes since I was complaining about how long it was until we were moving to Australia!

I find myself so grateful for the fact that we have at least nine more months and hopefully another year after that to enjoy Australia Because we really having the time of our lives!

So what has living in another country been like? This is an update on our adventure so far so grab a cuppa and enjoy this tale of our life down under so far!

Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

The beautiful city of Brisbane

‘It might not be what you think you’ll it be’ and ‘You might not like it’ and ‘I hope you’re not biggin’ it up in your head too much before you even get there’

These are all phrases that I heard way too many times in the months before we left for Australia. In true human fashion, we got a lot of these negative remarks opposed to the more positive like ‘you really are going to have the best time’ Of course the people who were plying us with this negativity got ignored big time but I couldn’t help myself from falling into the trap of wondering the same? What if I’d been imagining our life down under as this big break, as an amazing country where everything was going to fall into place? What if it didn’t? What if it all came crashing down and what if these people were right?

Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

Well from the smiles on those faces I’m guessing you can see which way it went? These past three months have been some of the best in my life so far and I can feel that the best is still to come!

We decided to spend our first three months in Australia in the sunny state of Queensland. Arriving in June it meant we were landing just in time for the Aussie winter. By winter I mean sunshine most days, temperatures of up to 24 degrees and up to three days of rain. What I just defined doesn’t even come close the usual British summertime so it’s safe to say we were okay with arriving in winter. In our first year here we want to live in the big cities, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne so with Queensland having the best winters of the three, we headed for Brisbane.

Brisbane has been nothing but spectacular and I’ve written a load of posts with travel tips galore about Brisbane here and have loads more to come so make sure you subscribe! But this post isn’t about Brisbane it’s about our adventure here and what we’ve learnt from moving to the other side of the world, being away from family and friends and going from mostly grey days to constant sunshine!

Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

Days off in Australia? WE EXPLORE!

So after a pretty turbulent twenty-nine hours of travelling door to door we finally landed in Brisbane. Now if you ask anyone I know then they’ll tell you I’m a major worrier! I wasn’t going to be happy until we had touched down on Australian soil until then something could go wrong until I had two feet firmly on the floor It wasn’t real. So you can imagine the anxiety flowing my veins when we landed and the captain announced:

‘Someone has been taken sick on this plane and Australian immigration need you all to stay in Quarantine on the plane until further notice’

Luckily we were all soon cleared and allowed off the plane. We’d made it and my Australian dream was finally underway! Now before any of us jet set off to Australia we know the flight time right? We know it takes a day to get there. But after that flight and as we wandered through the airport It hit me how far away from home we really were. It was night time here in Australia and the morning back in the UK. We’d jumped through so many different time zones we were excited, tired, nervous every emotion going!

So has it been worth it? Absolutely!

Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

Living the Dream

When people move abroad and when researching into our move down under I had read some pretty grim horror stories about moving abroad. Cases getting lost, jobs falling through, finding nowhere to live, getting robbed, mugged and heading for the next flight home. Now even though I’m sure in true human nature you would all love to hear a horrendous hilarious story about our cases getting sent to Canada and being denied at passport control. But I’m sorry to disappoint because this story doesn’t quite go like that!

To our surprise, everything in Australia has just fallen into place and neither David or I can quite believe how easy it’s been! Now David calls it high maintenance but I call it being prepared, I had done so much planning prior to arriving which completely paid off! We stayed in an Air BnB for our first ten days and I’d already researched the suburbs around Brisbane and knew what area we wanted to live in! So the hunt began and we soon fixed up a room in a house share in Newstead, just a ten-minute walk from the public transport links and a twenty-minute walk into the city! AMAZING!


Living in a house share after you’ve lived on your own

On the topic of accommodation living in a share house after you’ve lived as a couple in your own space for the year before is hard work! Suddenly you need to watch everything you’re doing again, how loud your being in a morning, putting appropriate clothing attire on when wandering to the toilet in the middle of the night, I know you feel that one! And having to work out who bought the last packet of toilet roll. Along with fighting with your housemates over whether or not it’s appropriate to play music at 2 am and worse!

Moving back into a house share has been the hardest thing since arriving and its shown us that we would not be able to cope in a hostel, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! Maybe that makes us posh backpackers? And I’ve never been called posh in my life so I’m rolling with it.

Backpacking with a Difference

Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

Amazing views EVERYWHERE!

Our plan to see Australia is a little different to most! Most of you crazy backpackers just sling your life onto your back and head for on gap year, backpacking you’re way around the country! We are doing things a little different! We are spending two-three months living and working in the big cities taking holidays every few months to enjoy all the backpacking adventures Australia has on offer!

Before we came out here one of our big questions was will we be able to find jobs? Luckily I’m a nurse and could apply and secure a job out here from the UK which was incredible! Meaning we knew we could start earning as soon as we arrived if we needed to! (Having just spent the last almost two years saving for this adventure luckily we didn’t have too!) So I was going to be okay but would Dave find a job?

Is it easy for Brits in Australia to find work? Some people say yes and some say no. If you want my advice, if you aren’t fussy you’ll land a job! Dave managed to get offered two jobs in the space of a month! Some will say that’s luck but I say it’s going for what you get offered! If you come to Australia expecting to get the exact same pay and be in exactly the same position as in the UK then your going to be hit hard when arriving down under. Unless you have a job lined up before you come then you’ve got to be prepared to take what’s going when you arrive!

Come to Australia with that mindset and you’ll get on just fine! Besides with the amazing rate of payout here you can probably earn just as much if not more for a less senior position. Less responsibility = more time to explore this exotic land?

Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

We’ve even made friends of the furry kind!

‘Australia is so expensive’ quote every person who has never lived or worked in Australia.

I ain’t gonna lie to you, Australia is expensive. As a tourist on holiday, you will be shocked at how expensive it is, beer will set you back $7 and that’s not even for a pint! Cocktails are $16 upwards, wine $12 for a small glass! Need I go on? If you’ve budgeted $100 a day for your travels you won’t get very far. BUT when you’re earning the wages Australia is just as expensive as anywhere else, the wages match the cost of living and we haven’t even put a dent into our savings that we came with which is pretty awesome! Meaning can spend more on seeing all the sights! If I could give you one piece of advice so far regarding money, it would become to Australia and work! Or at least double the savings you were planning on bringing!


Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

Shorncliffe Pier

The main reason we moved to Australia in the first place was to get an epic taste of their chilled out lifestyle. In the UK we are constantly on the go taking zero time for ourselves rushing to get almost anywhere! Here in Australia, you can instantly feel the vibe relax from the moment you step of the plane, and we haven’t even visited Byron Bay yet! The Aussie way of living is work to live not live to work. We love nothing more here than spending time outside cooking on a BBQ and relaxing in the sunshine!

So I’ve compiled a list of fun Aussie Lifestyle Facts that we’ve been learning about over the past three months:

BBQing isn’t just a clique – everyone here cooks their dinners outside, even on an evening just for the family of four!

Sunbathing is everyone’s past time – Yep no matter how long you’ve been living in the sunshine for everybody here loves heading to the coast for the weekend!

Getting up at 5 am is standard – There are no daylight savings in Queensland which means in the summer it gets light at 4:30 am! But nobody gets up that early right? Wrong Aussies rise with the sun and by the time you’re just rolling out of bed at 11 am everyone else has already, met friends for breakfast, been on a run and done the shopping.

Coffee shops shut at 3 pm (sometimes even 2 pm!) – We’ve got into the habit of getting up earlier and earlier to join the Aussie crowds. Which is just as well, especially if you want to explore a cute coffee shop because after 3 pm you’ve got no chance!

The Coffee Club will be your best friend – But don’t worry The Coffee Club is open until 10 pm and you will go here A LOT!

Australians are terrible Drivers – If you think Brits are bad wait until you hit the roads down under, the indicator may as well not exist!

Aussies drink A LOT – You know that feeling when it’s sunny outside and everybody flocks in force to the beer garden? Imagine that every day! Aussies love the beer and I’m putting it down to the awesome weather!

Your friends will have a better tan than you! – Don’t be surprised when you facetime home and realise your pal who’s just been all inclusive to Tenerife for a week has a better tan than you. You don’t sit outside all day everyday in Australia, it may be sunny but everyday life exists even in Australia and you will spend a lot of time inside!

You will get fed up of the sun – Constant sunshine is amazing! I’ve never felt so bright than what I do I now because the sky is always blue and the sun always blazing. However, the heat can get exhausting and you will get sick of it!

You will have the best time of your life – Ultimately the lifestyle here in Australia is amazing and anyone who’s thinking about coming for a taste of it, I urge you…


Australia has our hearts already and we are only just at the beginning! There is no reason why you shouldn’t come and take a gap year down under, it will honestly be the best time of your life!

Living our Best Lives Yet!

So all in all after three months down under I’ll say this. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we miss home, we miss friends and family which is the hardest thing of all. Australia is so far away and you don’t realise how far away It is until you’re here.

But we live in an amazing world…

And you don’t have to wait three weeks to get a letter anymore you can literally be seeing and chatting with your friends in minutes! Yeah, the time difference makes it tricky but it is no excuse not to keep in contact. Phone calls home to keep us happy and even though it’s not the same it helps you get over the homesickness for a little while! But as well as missing our loved ones back home we love our new friends down under and you will meet so many amazing people on your adventure!

Moving to Australia, Life Down Under, Three Month Update

Moving to Australia is better with friends!

So you want to know If I recommend Australia so far? What do you think! Book those tickets!


We’re Moving to Sydney!

Before you head off and start shouting from the rooftops ‘I’m moving to Australia!’ we’ve got big news, yes that’s right we are moving to Sydney! But not before we embark on an epic road trip down the East Coast! We are flying to Cairns in October and hiring a camper van (which I will not be able to drive!) and spending a month rolling our way down to Sydney! You can check out our Itinerary here!


So in another three months when I write our Six-month update I can guarantee so much that we are experiencing now will have changed! Our lives are about to change and we’ve got a great feeling about it!

If you are reading this from Australia then hit comment below and get in touch! Maybe we can be friends!

UK friends and family we love and miss you millions! But we won’t miss the winter this year!

Love from Australia!