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Rookie Blogging Mistakes I Made in My First Year

Rookie Blogging Mistakes I Made in My First Year


Everybody has to start somewhere. We all come into this world with no idea how it all works. As humans, we learn to evolve and adapt to our environment. Discovering how to walk, talk, eat, read, write, draw even going to the toilet had to be learnt. Learning is a way of life which is why I don’t understand why we think we should be perfect at something before learning about it. I have a feeling everybody reading this is guilty of just wanting to fast track and be good at ‘that thing’ you’ve been working on, right away. The truth is life isn’t like that and it’s something I’m only just grasping myself, especially it when it comes to blogging.

Throughout my first year of blogging, I made mistakes, failed at things and carried on going! This post isn’t a pity party more a reflection of what I’ve learnt after something didn’t quite turn out well.

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. Therefore if you purchase something through a link on this page, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank You 🙂

Rookie Blogging Mistakes I Made in My First Year

If this is your first time here then you may want to check out this page and then my first post in this mini-blogging series. Alicia Overseas turned 1 last week so throughout the whole of May I’m sharing some of my blogging experiences from the last year. My first post in this series talks about What I’ve Learnt after One Year of Travel Blogging, click here to read it first.

Blogging has become a phenomenon over the last few years. People say it’s fading out and being taken over by social media but I have a feeling there will always be room for blogs. Blogs are about the people behind them and the world loves people and their stories. With the digital world ever expanding more and more of us are turning to blogging as a hobby or even a career. With so many of us now writing on the internet, it can be overwhelming as a new blogger. There is just so much information out there! So, after one year I’m reflecting on the blogging mistakes that I hope you won’t make.

Blogging Mistakes I made in my First Year

Taking it back to the start I can see how many blogging mistakes I made before my blog even went live. I was so excited at the prospect of starting my own blog. It had taken years of courage to actually put fingers to keyboard and decide to start Alicia Overseas. So, of course, I just wanted to get started right away, I bought a domain, got all of my social media handles and was ready to go. I chose a free WordPress theme and hit publish…and so it begins.

Not Having Posts Ready for Launch

To most reading this it may seem like such an obvious point not to follow. You read so many blogs on the internet that tell you to have at least some blog posts lined up to post when you first go live. Some say 5 some say 35 or even more! But this I didn’t do. I mean let’s be honest here I had no idea what I was doing. So after creating a semi-cute looking blog I hit publish and realised I hadn’t written anything yet.

It didn’t take me long to start writing, my mum and I had just been to New York so I had all that material to work with. I started writing posts but once you publish one people want to hear more so you have to keep writing. When I first started Alicia Overseas I thought writing posts would be easy. I had no idea that one blog post might take a full day or even a full week sometimes. So at the start, I found myself posting weeks apart, making it really hard to gain a trusting audience from the get-go. I was also moving to Australia the following weeks after starting my blog – Great timing Alicia!

My biggest advice when it comes to launching a new blog would be first to create a website that you like aesthetically. Then have at least 2 months of posts already written that way you can get straight into marketing your blog from the start rather than writing the content. Of course, the content is the most important part of a blog but it actually takes the least amount of time. If nobody knows about the blog you’re writing on then how will they know it exists? That’s where marketing comes in, especially via social media!

Caring What Others Thought of Me – Blogging Mistakes

I briefly touched upon this subject in my previous post but I have a hunch that I’m not the only one who’s done or thought this! When I first began Alicia Overseas I tried with all my power to hide it from my friends. I didn’t mind telling my family and partner because I was sure they would support me. My friends, on the other hand, I wasn’t so sure. I knew which ones would be supportive and which ones would roll their eyes and laugh. Probably says more about them than me.

The truth is it wasn’t just my close circle of friends I was afraid of. It was other people around me, my colleagues, acquaintances and people who I had yet to meet. What would people think when I tell them, I have a travel blog. My fear was that they would laugh and think who does Alicia think she is to have a travel blog and post all about it on social media. So I hid it for as long as possible. This meant not sharing it with the people in my life who love me but strangers behind a screen.

Because of this, I LOVED Twitter in the early days (it’s still my favourite social media platform) none of my pals had Twitter so I knew I could hide safely on there! As a result, I did manage to find a fabulous #traveltribe community who I now see as my friends. But I neglected the other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In the long run, I don’t think it did my blog much harm and I now have a well-engaged audience on Instagram and Facebook but it would’ve been better to have started building relationships immediately.

So, did they care?

As for the friends and other random people? Well, my friends have supported me. Sure there are a few who never read my blog but there are the others who read every post and share every post! Your friends and ‘real life’ circle of people are going to be amazing at spreading the word about your blog which we all need in the early stages! It’s blogging mistakes like these that get me the most. Not because I didn’t market my blog right away but because I was hiding something I was proud of!

Be proud of what you are creating and tell the world!

My Top Tips for Social Media in the Beginning

Whilst you’re drafting up your backlog of posts mentioned above start being active on social media. Find where your niche hangs out, get to know other influencers in that area, follow their blogs and start interacting. Tell people what you are creating and when they can expect a live website. It will give people an idea of what to expect from you and probably give your blog a great boost in traffic at the start 🙂

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Blogging Mistakes – Getting Stressed About Instagram

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with this platform? As the second biggest social media site in the world and over 1 billion active users every month as bloggers we just can’t ignore (even if it’s all we want to do). Don’t get me wrong I know some bloggers who refuse to use the platform and still do well. But it is a great platform to get exposure on. The key is to not get too immersed in the ‘games’ that people play on Instagram.

When I first started my Instagram account I was able to grow quicker than I ever thought but I was a little obsessed with it. Posting every day, trying to learn about editing tools such as Lightroom and run a new blog. It was honestly exhausting. As soon as I hit 2,000 followers I was stagnant for months. No matter what I did my for every one follower I lost 10. If you have Instagram then you’ll know what I’m talking it, it can feel pretty demoralising.

Turning Point

I stressed about Instagram for months and was putting all my energy into it, neglected my blog. This is probably one of my biggest blogging mistakes I’ve ever made. It wasn’t until I listened to Mollie Bylett, from Where’s Mollie, at the World Travel Market which you can find on YouTube, that my relationship with Instagram and social media changed. Yes, Instagram can be a great way to make money and collaborate with brands BUT what happens one day when Instagram, or any other social media platform, disappears? Like MySpace did? We may have moved on in the digital world since MySpace but It could still happen. Social Media could be there one day and gone the next. And when it does go, what happens to you? I really want you to think about this.

Social Media could be whisked away from beneath our feet your blog can’t. Alicia Overseas is mine and the only person who can take it from me is me. So that is exactly where I put in all my hard work and this is what successful bloggers will tell you. I now put more energy into my blog, SEO and then use social media to market Alicia Overseas. I’m much happier from it and my blog is better than ever! I’ve found that my social media following has increases the more I put into my blog. Don’t let this be your biggest blogging mistake if you have or a starting a blog then focus on the blog the most.

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Blogging Mistakes – Not Learning SEO from the START

Search Engine Optimisation, the single most important thing to getting ranked on Google. I’m going to into the technicalities of SEO because I’m only just grasping them myself. The best kind of traffic you can get to a website or blog is via a Google Search. This is organic traffic. It shows 1 that people are searching for your blog and 2 that you’re answering a question that people are searching for. Making sure that each post is optimised from Google is so important when trying to gain traffic to your blog.

Creating an SEO optimised post involves searching for keywords, looking at other blog posts on that topic, individually naming photographs, back-linking, alt text, meta description, the list goes on. You may find conflicting information about writing for SEO on the internet because some people like to write in a story format. When you are writing for SEO then you want to be informative so Google can see that you’re answering a question that someone needs answering. For example, in terms of SEO, this post probably won’t do that well.

My advice is to learn SEO before writing posts for your blog! There is so much valuable information out there that you can at least start learning the basics before starting to write your posts. If not you may find yourself trudging through old posts to make them more SEO friendly – ME!

These resources have helped me so much when it comes to understanding SEO:

Make Traffic Happen by Gemma and Laura – check out their website for free tips and their eBooks. The Facebook group Make Traffic Happen is also so so valuable when it comes to learning SEO. It’s a real community where people are out to help each other understand SEO. Join Here.

The Beginners Guide to SEO by Moz, Access it free here.

Not Using Affiliate Links from The Start

I know that this is one of the biggest blogging mistakes that a lot of bloggers have made at the start of their blogging journey. There is an illusion that you need to have a big following or a lot of traffic to start using affiliate links! You don’t. In case you don’t know an affiliate link is when you link to a product or service, if someone buys through that link then you earn a commission. This could anybody who reads your blog so all you need is readers. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a fast money maker and it takes gaining trust from your audience before bloggers see consistent income from affiliate links. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start linking your favourite services and products from the start – you never know what could happen!

I’m starting to get more and more clicks on my affiliate links the more my traffic at Alicia Overseas improves. I wish I’d learnt and incorporated affiliate links into my posts from the beginning of my blogging journey. To find out if a brand has an affiliate programme just type it into Google. For example, ‘FitBit Affiliate Programme’

Spending Money on Unnecessary ‘Blogging Courses’

Blogging Courses, do you need to take one? Well, that’s up to you. So many bloggers out there who start with no knowledge and build a brilliant empire through self-teaching. YouTube is my number 1 go to when I can’t figure something out on my blog – usually the technical stuff! There is a vast amount of free knowledge on the internet it’s just about filtering through the rubbish. You definitely do not to spend money on a blogging course to start a blog.

I’m not going to go into too much detail but at the start of the blogging journey, I bought a course which promised all the results. They gave a great sales pitch and I bought it. What I later found out what that it was much more of an affiliate marketing programme than a blogging platform. Basically, their claim was that you can blog full time by making money selling their course. Well, I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to learn how to create my own empire not sell someone else’s! Long story short it turned out to be a complete waste of money! I was sworn off blogging ‘courses’ for the seeable future.

But I did end up buying another…

There are so many other courses out there that I’m sure are amazing. Last year I was at a point where I didn’t know whether to continue my blog. I didn’t know if it was growing fast enough, that I’d ever become good enough to grow and inspire people to travel the world. So, I decided to reach out to a well-known blogger in the travel industry, Jessica Festa who runs the blog, Jessie on a Journey. I didn’t know what I was expecting when I reached out but I couldn’t believe it when Jessie personally replied to my email!

The email was heartfelt and so supportive, she knew what I was feeling. She gave some pointers and gave me the option to buy into one of her courses. This email wasn’t a sleazy sales pitch and it wasn’t all she spoke about. It was a simple, hey try this out and see if it could help you. She even offered me a huge discount for the first month of her Travel Blog Prosperity membership course. I wasn’t sure, I’d already lost money before but the more I research and read the reviews Jessie had I decided to go for it. It’s now the only blogging course I’ll ever take. From SEO to working with brands, monthly workbooks, affiliate market training this course has taken my learning to the next level.

If you’re interested then you can take a look here.

Top Tips

You do not need a blogging course but it can be beneficial but I know it has been for me. My biggest advice is to do your research. Ask around, look at reviews and ALWAYS reach out to the creator of the course before opting in. A lot of people are out to help others but a lot are just out for themselves too. So just be careful.

If you’re just starting out in this crazy blogging world then be kind to yourself. I’m talking about these mistakes one whole year on, I’m able to reflect but by making these mistakes doesn’t mean I failed. Enjoy the ride and learn on the way. I thought I’d share one of my favourite quotes before writing off this post: 

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly - Embrace it! Click To Tweet

Sharing is Caring

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There you have it my 6 biggest blogging mistakes I made in my first year. I hope that this post has inspired you in some way. Either to do some more learning before going in all guns blazing or, if you’re an established blogger maybe a gave you a smile as you thought ‘me too’.

Either way, I would love to know your thoughts about these mistakes and share some of your own if you wish! I’d love to continue this conversation in the comments below or you can always me at [email protected]. If you enjoyed this post then I would love it if you could share it for others to find!

Next week I’ll be talking all about what blogging resources have helped me in my first year of blogging!

What One Year of Travel Blogging has Taught Me

What One Year of Travel Blogging has Taught Me


Well, I can’t believe we’ve made it one year, by ‘we’ I’m referring to myself, my laptop and gorgeous readers like you. If you’re reading this on 5th of May 2019, which I hope you are, then its official  Alicia Overseas has been up and running for one whole year.  This also means that Dave and I have been in Australia for almost a year. But if you’ve been following our journey for a while then you’ll already know that (because it’s all I’ve been talking about) but if you’re new then you may want to start here and then come back to this post.

To celebrate my journey of becoming a blogger over the last year I’ve written a little blogging/personal series. I’m going to be talking all about one year of travel blogging. So as well as my recent travel posts I’ll be posting one extra post every week for the next month because every birthday should last the whole month right?

After one year of travel blogger, one thing is certain, I’m more organised so I can already tell you what post’s I’m going to be publishing in this mini-blogging series: 

What One Year of Travel Blogging has Taught Me (this post)

Rookie Blogging Mistakes I Made in My First Year

My Must Have Resources for New Travel Bloggers

How to Balance Travel Blogging with a Full-Time Job!

I guess I wanted to write it all down myself so in another 3 or 4 years time I can look back at the first-ever year I started doing this and see how far I’ve come! So I figured I might as well share some of that with you guys.

What One Year of Travel Blogging Has Taught Me About Blogging

Starting Alicia Overseas


In this first part of the post, I want to talk about what my first year has taught me about blogging itself. Let’s rewind a to over a year ago when Instagram was just starting to blow up with influencers and I started paying more attention to bloggers. I’ve probably always read blogs but had no idea that’s what they were. In fact, most of the search results that we get in Google are in fact blogs. I probably consciously started reading blogs, mainly about travel, about two and a half years ago. This was the time when I had just got serious about visiting Australia. I was pouring all of my spare time into researching the land down under. 

That’s when I found two blogs that inspired me above anything else on the internet. Where’s Mollie by Mollie Bylett was the first ever blog that I sat and read from ‘start to finish’. In other words, I stalked the blog until I had read every page! I remember being fascinated with the empire that Mollie was creating. Of course, she had heaps of information on Australia too which was amazing for me! I also read This Battered Suitcase by Brenna Holman and found myself in awe of these women who were travelling the world and inspiring others to do the same. 


I thought it was pretty damn amazing and I was bursting with a feeling of wishing I could do something like that. Of course, my mind took over and I knew that of course, I couldn’t do that. I had a list of reasons why I really couldn’t be a blogger it went a little like this:

not travelled enough, not enough time, no one cares what I’m doing, my real friends would laugh at me, not pretty enough, nobody would get it, I don’t have the money, people are already doing it so why does the world need me – the list could literally go on and on.

So with all these doubts why did I decide to start Alicia Overseas?

April 2018

Well, in April 2018 I found myself with a skin condition called Gianotti Crosti Syndrome. A rare autoimmune reaction to a virus. My skin broke out in what I can only describe as chicken pox-like spots that turned out to look like cottage cheese under the skin from head to toe – GROSS. Even though it wasn’t contagious, as a nurse I found myself unable to go to work for 8 weeks! For someone who is used to working full time eight weeks off work is a hell of a long time to sit around waiting for these spots to disappear.

We were due to land in Australia just two months later so I threw myself into my research and of course found myself reading blog after blog after blog. I began to wonder, again, if I could ever start something like that? I’m about to move to Australia so I’ll definitely have something to talk about and I would love to inspire and educate other people to travel the world. So with all the time in the world on my hands, I thought to sod it, I am starting a travel blog!

And so Alicia Overseas was born!

It wasn’t that simple though. Even deciding on a name took me what felt like FOREVER. I had thought of so many other names before I settled on Alicia Overseas. Postcards from Oz, Us Around the World and Letters from Down Under were all big contenders. But none of these options felt personal and I soon as I wrote Alicia Overseas I knew that was what I was calling my blog. It’s simple and speaks for itself. I’m Alicia and my blog is about travel, therefore, me being overseas, just in case you needed it breaking down 😉

Since that day that I decided to embark on my travel blogging journey, it has been a rollercoaster. I thought starting and running a blog would be easy! Write about places I’ve been or would like to go and readers will come flocking right? Wrong. Oh, I have never been SO wrong about something before.

So first here’s what one year of blogging has taught me about the ‘science of blogging if you like’

What I’ve Learnt about Blogging after One Year 

Blogging Isn’t Easy

Running a blog is bloody hard work. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that having my blog is like having a second full-time job. Before I started I thought that it would be easy. Write, put it out there and people would just look at it. I had no idea the amount of work that number one goes into building a blog and two what goes into promoting a blog. I mean I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. If you don’t advertise something then how is somebody going to know about it? It’s the same for blogging, you have to build an audience and promote your blog so that people actually know it exists!

The amount of work that goes into every single post is insane. From the writing, the editing, choosing the photographs, editing the photographs, optimising SEO, promoting the post and then starting on the next one! If anybody ever tells you that starting a blog is easy then they are not being truthful. That said I wouldn’t have it any other way. This blog is my baby and something that I’ve created and built myself. Every ounce of hard work that I put into this blog I do with an endless amount of love because I love the joy it brings me. 

positive affirmation that I used during one year of travel blogging

Financial Investment is Necessary

I know a lot of people struggle with this one. When I first started Alicia Overseas a year ago I was saving all the money I had to go to Australia. Putting any kind of money into my blog hadn’t crossed my mind. I had no idea that you had to pay for a domain, a blog theme, security for the blog, hosting! In all honesty, I didn’t really understand what these terms meant.  Luckily, I had done a little research so I knew that buying my own domain was important and as was hosting – which is where I learnt one of my biggest blogging lessons!

Like most of us when starting something I was after the cheapest of everything. I opted to host my site with iPage because they were cheap. I’m not going to go into it but after months of a very slow site and other issues I opted to change to Site Ground – this was only recently and since my site speed has increased dramatically as have my page views!

Top Tip

If you’re looking to start a travel blog then my advice to you after one year of travel blogging is do your research. Find out which hosting platforms bloggers are recommending instead of just going for the cheapest. Always start off self-hosted. Self-hosted basically means that you own your domain and can have a .com or handle after your blog name.

For example, opposed to – it’s more professional in case you want to turn your blog into more of a hobby in the long run, which if you stick with it you probably will!

Starting a blog for free is possible. But be prepared to invest some money into your blog especially if you’re serious about blogging. Think of it this way. If you were starting a business then you would pour some investment into it so think if your blog like a business from the START. It took me a while to accept and get my head around treating my blog as a business. But once I worked on that mindset it paid off big time – More about this in next week’s post!

SEO Matters

If you don’t have a blog or website then I can guarantee you won’t have ever heard of SEO. I certainly hadn’t. Search Engine Optimisation is what SEO stands for. When it comes to blogging you need to know all about it! Making your posts SEO friendly basically means getting your blog ready to show up on google. Organic traffic from Google is the best traffic for a blog. This is called organic traffic. Therefore there are aspects of each post like keywords, alt text, headings, linking that all contribute to SEO and making sure you have the best chance of showing up on that first page of Google.

When I first began writing my blog I found so much conflicting information out there about SEO. Some bloggers say you need it and some say you don’t. Eventually, after one year of travel blogging, I realised just how important SEO is. Now one year on, my blogs are slowly starting to appear on the first page of google! I now have three posts that come up on the first page which for me is an amazing achievement. If I’d have known how much technical jargon I needed to learn a year ago I probably would’ve run for the hills!

But that’s the thing about having a blog, you’re always learning.

Presence on Social Media is paramount (and yes your ‘real’ friends will find out)!

Deciding to start a blog was such a huge decision for me never mind having to tell my nearest and dearest about my new venture. Of course, my family loved the idea of being able to follow our travels online but I was terrified about how my friends would react. We live in a society full of judgement and envy.

As humans, we love to judge others. Who do these influencers think they are to be travelling the world, taking great photographs to post on Instagram and show off? Our lives are surrounded by people who think like this and I have many a friend with this mindset! Luckily, for me, most of my friends were supportive of the blog whether they understood it or not. Prior to telling my friends, I tried to hide my social media presence so my friends wouldn’t find out but ultimately it turned out impossible!

Being present on social media is paramount when having a blog. It’s a great way to connect with your audience, find your audience in the first place and let people into your life beyond your blog. I’m learning that people love people and things like authentic Instagram stories go a long way when creating lasting relationships with people online.

So, tell your friends what you’re up too. They will most likely support you and enjoy reading your blog! So many of my friends share my posts and tell others about my blog. It gives me so much more confidence to know my pals are supportive! And at the end of the day if they are true friends then they’ll support you. If they don’t then they aren’t worthy of your time or friendship.

What I’ve Learnt about Myself after One Year of Travel Blogging

I could go on about more aspects of blogging that I’ve learnt or had to learn this year like coding, building an audience, affiliate marketing, link building. The list goes on and never ends! BUT what I want to talk about now is what I’ve learnt about myself in after one year of travel blogging because I have learnt so much about myself that I never knew before!

Quotes I've used during one year of travel blogging

I Really Can Stick with Something

Confession time! Ever since I was younger I’ve had a habit of starting things and never finishing them. Or deciding to explore a new hobby and not giving it enough time before deciding it wasn’t for me. So when I started Alicia Overseas I’m sure lots of people around me thought I wouldn’t stick at it, including myself. And believe me, over the last year there have been times when I’ve thought about giving up but I haven’t. I’ve stuck with my blog all year and I’m so proud that I didn’t give up after the realisation that blogging is hard work. I love the space that I’m creating and I can vision a big future for me and my blog. 

The Fear of Not Knowing

After one year of travel blogging, I’ve learnt that one of my biggest fears in life is not knowing something. That can be anything from not knowing how to do something on my blog or in my nursing work not knowing a certain condition. I’ve learnt through my blog that the easiest way to fix this fear is to find out. I know it might sound simple but in the past, I often dwell on the fact that ‘I’m not good enough’ because I don’t know something. I would beat myself up about it rather than seeing it as a positive opportunity to learn about what it is I don’t know!

Recently I updated a plugin on my blog and lost two articles in the process. Luckily, I had saved these onto my computer but I still had links to the previous posts all over social media. So, instead of stressing out about not knowing how to fix it. I researched and learnt how to redirect my old links to the new ones! If you’d have asked me a year ago about link redirecting or plugins I wouldn’t have any idea what you were talking about. Though my technical knowledge is still extremely minimal I’m trying to learn new skills that are going to be positive for my blog and sometimes personal life too. 

If you don’t know something, just learn it! Click To Tweet

The Lack of Creativity in My Life

Before starting my blog I didn’t have a creative outlet. I’ve always loved to read but other than that I didn’t feel like I had any other creative outlets and I didn’t think I needed them. But when I started writing for my blog I felt a happiness and sense of self that I hadn’t really felt before.

I picked up a camera and felt sheer joy from being out in the world taking photos. I started to draw again, simple drawings like designing a logo for my blog and experimenting with little doodles of places we’ve been visiting. Since starting Alicia Overseas I’ve been more creative than I ever have before. As a result, my heart and life feel so much more whole for it. I find myself wanting to learn and perfect skills I already have. If it wasn’t for this blog then I don’t think I’d have found these creative outlets that are bringing so much light into my life.

Self Belief

Confidence is always something I’ve always struggled with, as I think everybody does. That said, I feel like I’ve taken a turn in the last year. My blog has thrown me out of my comfort zone so much and each time I’ve reached an obstacle I’ve got through it. I’m slowly learning that in life you have to believe in yourself otherwise who is going to? As a new blogger, I thought nobody would read my stuff, nobody would care about my travels and I always thought people would think my blog was rubbish.

If I thought these things about myself then, of course, other people would! If I didn’t even believe in myself or my blog then why would anybody else? Since I’ve started believing that I am worthy of a great blog and that my content is bloody good, great things have happened.

When I Started Believing in Myself…

My traffic has increased, my audience has grown and my personal dreams for Alicia Overseas are getting bigger by the day. I wholeheartedly believe that this is down to me and only me. The moment I started believing in myself is the moment I saw a shift in my blog. The way I blog changed and what my blog was bringing me also changed. Sounds a little spiritual I know but it’s true. I still have a long way to go in terms of self-belief but this year my blog has made me believe in myself more than I ever have before.

So I guess you could say I’ve learnt a lot after one year of travel blogging and I can’t wait to share the rest of this mini-blogging series with you.

One Final Note…

When you find something in life that you love, do more of it and make into something amazing. No matter what anyone else thinks! There are tonnes of people who think I’m sad for spending my days off writing this blog. But I love it, so does it really matter what they think? A year ago it would but now it doesn’t.

Alicia Overseas may only be tiny but I know the next year is going to be big. I have dreams and hopes to create my own little travel empire! Who knows maybe one day I’ll even run my own tours or write a book based on my travels – BIGGEST DREAMS EVER! But for now, I’ll be continuing to nourish my little space on the internet. Hopefully, continuing to inspire and educate people like you to travel the world!

Happy and Healthy Travels,


PS If you’d like to buy me a coffee to celebrate Alicia Overseas turning one then you can always pop $1 or two into the PayPal account [email protected] 🙂

If you enjoyed my post then please let me know in the comments and share it with your friends! If you know a new blogger who may be struggling with their new blog direct them to this post. It might just help them out!