If you’ve read any of this blog you’ll know that I’m currently living it up down under! If this is your first time here then welcome and thanks for reading!

Being in Australia the time difference is pretty drastic compared to some parts of the world especially our home land, the UK. I get a lot of notifications in the middle of the night! So when I opened my twitter notifications in the dark of the night I was astonished  that Alicia Overseas had been nominated for The Versatile Blogging Award by the awesome Tasty Itinerary! So first up thanks so much for the nomination as I can’t believe my blog is being read by people other than my family and friends (who probably feel obliged!) It has put a skip in my step so thank you!

Tasty Itinerary is written by Kathy who shares great stories about travel. From Mexico to Europe she’s got you covered with all the travel tips you need for your next get away!

So with The Versatile Blogger Award comes some rules:


• Thank the person that nominated you for this award.

• Link their blog to this post.

• Select UP TO 15 blogs/bloggers that you either regularly follow or discovered recently.

• Nominate them for this awesome Versatile Blogger Award with links to their sites.

• Write 7 things about yourself.

So here goes!

1. I hate coffee! Shocking I know! Aren’t bloggers supposed to take their laptops to all the best cafe’s that sell the best coffee? For me its all about the key and I am accustom to the occasional Chai Latte.

2. I’m a fully pledged paediatric nurse

3. I grew up in a small English town called Holmfirth! If you watched last of the summer wine then you’ll know it! A far cry from the bright lights of Brisbane I live in now!

4. I’m a real foodie, brunching, lunching, dining if the foods going I’ll be there to eat it!

5. Other than trying to see the world I have a passion for Bouldering! Thanks to the better half we now boulder up to four or five times a week! I’ve even been able to pack in the gym because the work out is fabulous! & I don’t have to drag myself there either!

6. I’m currently living my dream working and living in Australia. I and probably a lot of other people never though this day would come and it’s fantastic! (Follow those dreams of yours!)

7. I love reading. Paige Toon is my favourite author, ever!

My nominations for The Versatile Bloggers Award are:
Where Charlie Wanders
Elle Louise
The Wandering Quinn
Journeys With Jessica
SOS Travel
Touring Tastebuds

Make sure you check out all of these blogs! These are blogs i visit time and time again because i love reading all about the food they are trying and places they are exploring! Thanks again to Kathy at Tasty Itinerary for nominating me!

Final Though: If you want to know a little more about me then click here!

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2 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. It brings a smile to my face to read this post as I can practically see your excitement. So happy it learn a few more things about you. Like you’re a pediatric nurse? Wow. Amazing. Bless you for everything you do.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures from Down Under. Hope to make it there one day.

    Posted on 19/07/2018 at 14:29
    1. Thanks so much! I love writing and sharing experiences, especially when travel is involved.The world is a beautiful place and needs to be explored! and so much food to try! (haha) Yes paediatric nurse so it’s full on but so rewarding! Australia is great so many fabulous places to visit! Looking forward to more awesome posts on your blog!

      Posted on 20/07/2018 at 09:08