Whale Watching

A Tale from the Ocean

“We’re on the wrong side of the road! Quick wave, run, ah the lights are at red! We are going to miss it!” Our day whale watching was almost cut very short when the lovely blue bus which was coming to collect us cruised straight passed us on the other side of the road.

As the alarm is pounding beside me with a groan I flip over and hit snooze, a daily ritual of mine no matter what day of the year it might be. Unlike most of our mornings down under the sun isn’t blazing through the window pane and the sky isn’t clear. But it will be in a few hours, that’s the beauty of Australia you know the sun will shine and today it’s going to shine hell a bright!

The reason the sun isn’t yet burning and the sky remains pitch black is because it’s quite literally the crack of dawn! Today I turn twenty four and I’m hoping for a majestic day out on the waters of the East Coast of Australia! But first twenty four. I ponder to myself how do I feel about turning twenty four? Do I feel older? Wiser? Broody? The only thing I feel this morning is a surge of excitement and happiness. My energy is pumping and I can say I still feel like my young carefree twenty one year old self! I’m mentally stuck at twenty one and I’ve figured that I’m going to stay there for a while!

As I leap from the sheets I suddenly feel like a child again giddy for the day ahead! My love for the ocean started way before starting our life here down under, in fact growing up I was convinced one day I was going to be a mermaid! Of course years later I’m still very much a two legged human.

Australia’s oceans are home to some of the most spectacular creatures on planet earth. Including the magical humpback whale. Knowing that in the months of June to November the humpback whales make their voyage from the piercing chills of the Antarctica waters to the warmer waves of Australia. We just had to see them!

& What better a day to try a spot of whale watching than on my birthday? Lets just hope the whales show up for the party too!

So let’s just rewind a couple of days prior. Whale watching was definitely something that both David and I have on our ‘bucket list’ and Moreton bay has a fantastic rep for being a brilliant whale watching destination! But like with most things in life the whales aren’t, as i said, guaranteed to show up for the party.

Reading through trip adviser and travel blogs can be a nail biting experience. Especially if you’ve got a destination or activity dancing beautifully in your creative mind for it not to quite be the same in reality. That can be pretty soul destroying.

So after trawling through heaps of reviews on blogs and online travel sites we went with Brisbane Whale Watching. Priding themselves on the fact they offer ‘100% Guaranteed Sightings during the months of June to November’ along with the hundreds of amazing reviews from fellow travellers we fired up the trusty laptop and hit book!

Luckily the bus driver pulled over on the other side of the road and despite the four lanes of traffic saw us waving frantically! Kindly he waited for the incapable English people to board his bus!

So if you’ve read this far into the story, one thank you so much and two your probably wondering one thing right?

Did the whales really did show up to the party?

As we cruised out from the Redcliffe jetty on board the three tier eye spy vessel designed especially for whale watching the deck was filled with excitement, anticipation and of course nerves. Had we all paid a good chunk of our hard earned cash to venture out to the middle of the ocean for nothing? Would we be greeted with deep blue seas and not much else?

Moreton Island was a speck in the distance when we set sail and now just short of thirty minutes later it was stood before us in all its glory! As one of Australia’s many sand Islands you can only travel around Moreton Island using a four wheel drive, we could see the 4X4 Suzuki’s taking tourists along the beach front. We mentally put it on our list of things to do whilst in Australia.

As we approached the sighting area for the whales we glided through packs of jellyfish and even a family of dolphins! That was me happy and amazed! I wouldn’t even care if we didn’t see any whales!

Suddenly we feel the boat slow down and suddenly I could hear nothing, the engine was so quiet and our speed has vastly decreased. We turn and look at each other with smiles plastered across our faces when we hear the captain announce:

‘If you all look at to your right at three o’clock you’ll see our first pod of whales..’

As we all rush to the right hand side of the boat we were left speechless. In front of us two dazzling humpback whales glittering in the oceans migrating side by side through the waters. They were here and we were here.

We were officially whale watching

The next few hours pass by in a blur of happiness and sheer joy. The oceans around us were filled with acrobatic performances dazzling in the water. No trainers, no stages, no tricks and flips just whales simply making their way around the ocean but the most magical sight i witnessed that day was this..

A mummy protecting it’s baby. ‘This calf isn’t more than a couple of days old’ explains the captain and we all feel honoured to be watching the two voyaging through the sea. Words can’t describe the feeling of watching the baby whale swim playfully alongside it’s mother, it was simply magnificent.

As we watch the mother and it’s calf make their way through the waves popping up for breath and to say hello every now and again we also saw some unwelcome visitors. I was sure that we wouldn’t see a shark during our time down under because that ‘just won’t happen to us’ but low and behold behind the boat we see a fin floating above the surface belonging to a shark! Luckily he didn’t stick around too long! Though it was pretty cool to see .. from a distance!

As we wonder the seas for the next few hours we got to experience over a dozen different whales! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better day!

‘Can we come again?‘ I turn and say to David as the boat begins to turn and speed up away from the dancing whales to make our way back to land. I can say that turning twenty four was one of the best days and birthday’s I’ve ever had. As we disembark the vessel and thank our hosts for the day i can feel the thrill in the air and can see nobody is leaving without a smile on their face.

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