Where to Next?

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Where to Next? 

I love reading travel blogs. When a blog post really draws me in I’m often left with the excitement of wondering where said travel blogger is heading too next! Sometimes you can find out via social media but I also love it when you can read all about their future travel plans in a blog post too! It makes me feel like part of their journey knowing what adventures are in store for them next. So that said, I thought I’d better create my very Where to Next page! If you’ve been around for a while you’ll know I haven’t updated my previous ‘where to next’ page in a little while. 

After living in Australia for a year it was time to hit the road again. We left Australia in June 2019 and found ourselves not too far away in the beautiful country that is New Zealand. 

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From Australia to New Zealand

When I first imaged our life after we got to Australia I thought that we would be here for good. But you don’t really know what a place will be like until you’ve lived, breathed, cried and relished in all that it has to offer. 

This adventure started with one dream. My dream to see Australia, I have no idea what but something was pulling me there. Living in Australia was nothing other than amazing, educational, liberating whilst being challenging and difficult too. The big thing that I’ve learnt since arriving in Australia is that the world is a BIG place with so much more to see! It’s left me with an even bigger wanderlust than before and now we are on a mission to travel the world, starting with New Zealand, I mean we are so close it would be rude not to right?

I have no idea how long we’ll stay in New Zealand but we’ve got a Working Holiday Visa which gives us up to 23 months in the country if we want it!

All my New Zealand Posts will go here!

It’s hard to give you any more than that for now because though we want to travel the world who knows what could happen in another year? One thing is more certain though, we aren’t done with the world just yet, travel is who we are right now and I can’t wait for our next string of adventures. I hope you join us for the journey, your love and support is everything because without it I wouldn’t be sat here writing any of this. 

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So now I’ve told you, you tell me where is your next adventure taking you?


Alicia is a travel obsessed Registered Nurse who is on a mission to help other unfulfilled nurses reconnect with their purpose, passion and joy for life. Alicia has suffered from countless bouts of burnout in her nursing career and now wants to help other nurses too. Alicia is a huge advocate for travel and travel makes up a huge part of her life and this blog! Join her on her adventures nursing around the world and helping others to live a happier more positive life.

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  1. 20/03/2019 / 06:33

    My mom is one of my best friends too! We don’t live that far–she is in CT, and I am in FL–but I don’t get to see my family all that often. When she and my father come to Florida, we take them around like complete tourists. It’s honestly a ton of fun. I also love going home to CT too, especially in the fall, but I never make it home as much as I would like. I hope you and your mom have a blast.

    I would love to go to New Zealand. We were just hanging out at our local antique shop bar, and a woman there was raving about (luxury) camping in New Zealand. I wish Australia and New Zealand weren’t so far away. The 16-hour nonstop flight into Dubai to get to Indonesia nearly killed me.

    I hope you have a great travel year. I am looking forward to following along.

    • 27/03/2019 / 09:54

      Ah, that sounds like such fun! It’s so hard to get quality time even when you’re not that far away sometimes. Everyone is so busy with day to day life, back in the UK I never made it home as much as I would’ve liked either!

    • 27/03/2019 / 09:57

      It sucks being away from family but even when you’re close like you said it’s hard to get home as much as you’d like. Everyone is so busy with day to day life that time just runs away from us! We’ll be making a trip home this year at some point so that will be an exciting time!

      I’m so excited for New Zeland, it looks amazing! Australia has been everything I’d ever imagined and more! It is a shame about the distance but honestly, it’s so worth it! A full 24 hours from the UK but I’d do it again and again!

      Thank you! I’m excited to keep you all updated on our travels, it’s going to be a cracking year!

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